RuPaul's Drag Race UK (S4)

Glad to see Starlett go, yaaa queen give us literally nothing!

Dakota is such a sweetheart, I loved her chat with Sminty when they were doing their makeup together.

Gutted that Baby ended up being in the losing group despite being amazing themselves.

FKA seemed so stiff and awkward on the panel. Maybe she’s normally like that? I dunno, but it felt felt awkward at times.
Loving this season so far, the cast is good and the messiness is entertaining.

Dakota is my favourite, I love everything she's done so far. Serving Elesa on the runway! The best Pokemon gym leader, It's gotta be a shoot!

Big mistake getting rid of Starlet this early, huge!
She's a very interesting character who only comes around once in a while in the Drag Race machine. The self praise whilst her teammates were breaking down and that exit line coming out as nearly a growl were beyond iconic behaviour.

And Jonbers/Copper Topp are both abit basic aren't they? Both performance and aesthetically.

Danny Beard is very quickly getting on my nerves and becoming Kitty Scott Claus levels of 'love of huns' confessionals.
I cannot stand Danny. Two of my least favorite things in drag: an unnecessary amount of personality, and facial hair.