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RuPaul's Drag Race UK (S4)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SockMonkey, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. it felt genuine to me, the reaction when it was revealed was too pure. My take on it was that she listed quite a few people and they just edited the rest out which made it LOOK too perfect/suss
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  2. K94


    Need a little more commotion for the dress

    One of my favourite looks on the show ever
  3. I’ve never seen a queen STOMPING the runway like this since Violet, Aquaria and Symone. Only three lewks (+entrance) so far but I AM GAGGGGGGED.

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  4. I am Dakota Stanning
  5. Cheddar's horror at Sminty when she thought switching up her silhouette would mean wearing an "old maiden" type of dress. THAT is why Cheddar will go far in this competition. She gets IT.

    Also, although a tad annoying I love that Danny referenced Alien Queen Juno Birch in his runway presentation. It's what she deserves.

    I love this season.

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  6. I can't stop thinking about Starlet. What an icon. I hope she never changes. I hope she gets called back whenever and looks even more stunning and only speaks in Morse code and everything else's the same.

    I love this season x2.

  7. I went to watch the new episode at Cruz in Manchester on Thursday and Danny Beard performed, Juno was sat in the audience out of drag and at one point Cheddar walked in wearing her entrance look. An iconic night.
  8. The amount of iconic Cheddar performances I've got to witness downstairs in Cruz 101

  9. So after 2 episodes. We now have a Top 10. But 7 challenge winners. Can't wait for more group wins and delusion as the season goes on.

    Surely we could have had 2 groups of 4 and a group of 3 for this challenge?
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  10. the bottom 2 girlies are really gonna give us nothing all season huh
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  11. Sminty doesn't seem like a nice person at all. I sense a lot dark energy hidden underneath.
  12. Interesting. Seemed pretty sweet so far? Especially during the workroom chat.
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  13. I know you shouldn’t believe everything you read online, but I’ve read a few stories about them and they’re not good.
  14. I saw my friend was at the Series 3 tour and the sheer drop in budget if you compare this to Series 2 is staggering. Only one small screen on stage and little props, makes you feel for the Queens.
  15. I know we shouldn't judge people we don't know but Sminty gave me very bad vibes right from the start.
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  16. Baby’s “it’s no one’s fault/ everyone makes mistakes” coupled with her clearly seething face was the highlight of an already great episode

    how can you not stan Dakota she’s so endearing
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  17. Jonbers Blonde has to be the worst drag name since Dusty Ray Bottoms.
  18. A&E


    Her name was originally Jonbenet Blonde – I imagine the name change happened because of Drag Race (like with Crystal fka Beth).

    It's still on event posters on her website: and the instagram link there leads to a now non-existent account "jonbenetblonde".
  19. I'm inclined to agree.
  20. She definitely gives the vibe of someone who screenshots her insulting people on Grindr with comments like why do I have to put up with ugly people thinking they can dare to take up my grid.
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