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RuPaul's Drag Race UK (S4)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SockMonkey, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. With Sminty I was shook she said she had only performed a couple of times?? As a full time drag queen?? I’m sure she’s been around for ages and didn’t think Instagram pics paid the bills.

    I’ve had a run in with her myself and while she was pretty rude everyone has bad days and she’s coming across a lot better on the show
  2. Ddd anyone who’s had the pleasure of seeing the House of Kendoll girlies out and about in Manchester will know most of them exist simply to look beautiful. Mostly you see them sitting down with drinks in hand looking stunning and mean and when they do perform it’s very go girl give us nothing. I was surprised by how warm Sminty had been coming across given what I’ve seen/heard about her and her sisters.
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  3. When the queens say they've never performed, what do they actually do then? Is it purely being an Instagramer?
  4. The one and only time I took my mum to a drag brunch was Baby doing Motivation by Normani. She still remembers it to this day by saying it was the queen who flicked her wig into her face.

    I loved Baby this whole episode. Such a mood.
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  5. Not that I needed another reason to stan, but...
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  6. Sminty is giving Tesco Fiercalicious therefore iconic.
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  7. I don't like Cheddar Gorgeous. Don't ask me why, I have no reason.

  8. 2 more things... Agree with everyone about Jonbers Blonde hideous drag name, they could've called her Benet Blonde, also she paints her face horrendously, I'm sorry.

    I wasn't feeling Starlet first episode, but really grew to like her this episode, and her exit was iconic. Why was half her make up smeared off?
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  9. Dakota is so iconic because it's like one of your homegirls has suddenly appeared on the show. She reminds me of the girlies I went to school with and how we clung together as the only queers.

    Yes I'm projecting and I love it!!!
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  10. Jonbers Blonde has a terrible name and questionable makeup skills but I really like his boy confessional look - that pale blue shirt and navy polka dot tie combo looks great on him.
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  11. Jonbers gives me Rosé in the face… harrowing
  12. Copper is serving "didn't quite make it as an actor so took up drag to see if that would work instead", y'know? There's some Ella Vaday energy in the sense that I don't fully believe that she fully believes in it.
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  13. Because WOW has decided she is Le Fil(ler).
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  14. Half the cast is S3-style bores / 'huns' but the other half is amazing so we stay watching

  15. Cheddar speaks like that one bitch from work who hosts D&D games like they're running the navy and exclusively drinks matcha. It's giving Alaska with the charisma and fun vacuumed out. But her @Mushroom look did slay a titsy. Danny Beard is exactly what i'd expect from any gay man from Liverpool so there's that too i guess

    I lowkey enjoyed Starlet's high off hairspray take on "performing" a lot more than Sminty rapping badly in Simlish but the morbid "Thank. You." to the judges was worth her elimination teebs

  16. [​IMG]
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  17. There are two Kittys this season why
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  18. BTG


    JonBenet Blonde being every bit as bad a drag name as Jonbers Blonde is a mess.

    Though she did reveal at a viewing party that Starlet pulled a Pangina backstage and started sobbing so loud they could all hear it on the main stage, which is why her make-up was so smudged.
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  19. The way Starlet has galvanised more adoration than virtually anyone in the cast of season 3 really says it all.
  20. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Cheddar is definitely a bit tew close to Sasha "doing it for the ART" Velour but I can't help but kind of be in awe when she's onscreen? Her mushroom look is easily the best runway so far (but not quite as iconic as Peppa's entrance look).
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