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RuPaul's Drag Race UK (S4)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SockMonkey, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. Utterly bizarre judging. Which suggests we’re in for a shit-show for the last few episodes, as per…

    Dakota clearly won Snatch and had a gorgeous runway. Should’ve been top 2 with Cheddar (whose snatch really isn’t my type of humour, but she did better than the others).

    Danny’s Cilla was mortifyingly bad. I mean, almost one that I can ironically stan, but absolutely should’ve been a bottom. To rank him alongside Dakota… the disrespect.

    I love Black Peppa, but she didn’t do anything well this episode aside from the actual look for Lil Nas X. The character was bad, the runway was bad, the lip sync was rough and didn’t work for the song.

    Le Fil, Jonbers, Pixie were just bad.
  2. I have no idea if AJ Odudu can sing….
    But give her a record contract and a bop to dance her ass off to.
    Just gives off so much warmth, charm & Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent.
  3. BTG


    Danny’s Cilla was safe because the show wouldn’t place her in the bottom after she took Ru’s advice. It would be like admitting he gave her a bad steer.

    I don’t want her back in the country x
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  4. Intrigued to see Michelle host without Ru…

  5. Hmm, I wonder why Ru isn’t in it?
  6. Lobbying the Tories to back fracking in the UK?

    Would make her trips to the UK even more financially beneficial…
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  7. Ru the week after


  8. Pixie is absolutely unbearable and seems to get >50% the talking heads which is making this season borderline unwatchable.

    Jonbers was absolute fucking cringe. I'm ashamed.
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  9. I swear on the BBC 3 next time clip she was shown on the judging panel.
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  10. “With a shocking elimination you won’t see coming…”

    Yesss Dakota safe another week!
  11. The gals from the office at after work drinkies tonight will be doing better lipsyncs to STOP after sixteen jaggerbombs each.
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  12. This would make some sense with how shocked Dakota appeared to be to be told to shantay.

    No comment on this weeks episode, I pretend I do not see it!
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  13. Dakota handily won that lipsync against Baby though.

    Although it apparently doesn't matter how good you are, doing tricks and splits seems to win no matter what. The only times I can think of where this wasn't true was Morgan vs Sonique and Latrice vs Kenya (although Kenya was an iconic mess here)
  14. I remember that too
  15. I swear if Jonbers references a fucking potato one more time.
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  16. One of the people they're making over is Ru in disguise.
  17. Were they filming Celebrity Lingo that day?

    I mean it must be hard on the queen who leaves this episode as they'll always be thinking if only it was RuPaul (giving the producers decision) then I might have been safe
  18. Probably couldn't be bothered after the snatch game.
  19. I will say talking Jonbers out of doing that version of Enya she wanted to do because ‘we don’t know Enya’ (says Baga Chipz of all people) when Alexis Mateo did a butch lesbian Alicia Keys and Blu did that cursed (always horny?) Mary Berry is the double standards I’ve come to expect from the show

    and I say this as someone who doesn’t really care about Jonbers
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  20. Enya as an out of touch, absurdly rich, mythical-obsessed character would have been hilarious
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