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RuPaul's Drag Race UK (S4)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SockMonkey, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. I can't believe Jonbers is my new favourite to win. No, really. I can't believe it. She's the only one who looks like they're delighted to be on BBC3's RuPaul's Drag Race UK. Dakota should have won though.
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  2. The only thing I remember from the episode is "Well what's your USP?"
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  3. The way all your reviews make me not want to watch, and it's a non-elimination,

    So what would be missed?
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  4. TBH, I feel that Danny and Cheddar deserve to be there, to give credit where it's due. But agreed, imagine if Dakota and Baby (and Sminty, lol) were still there.

    Michelle's Drag Race is a flop.
  5. Just caught up. Jonbers runway was stunning. Not a groundbreaking concept, but so beautifully executed. Good job girl!

  6. I just KNOW if they did a roast it would be legendary iconic bad and my stan card would be gleaming
  7. That's next week's challenge based on the preview.
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  8. Can we not?
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  9. Anyway for me the turning point of this season was the Rusical. The cast felt pretty balanced at that point and everyone showed up well. It seems like they used that as their chance to go after the ones the producers felt would make worse tv, but that they were off the mark.

    The cast was entertaining to start and if you switch up a few Queens in the top 5 we'd have more chemistry, where as now it feels a bit more like a chore. As others have said, Danny and Cheddar are leagues ahead of the rest. They are experienced in TV, which makes them feel a bit more guarded than others but I can't blame them wanting to avoid the villain edit. Speaking of, we need a campy pantomime villain to give this some oumph. Where is the A'Whora or Fiercalicious?
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  10. BTG


    I don’t know how much production really do eye out the top five early on or how much they improvise along the way, but the strings are showing this season and it’s a mess.

    Cheddar and Danny were always going to make it to the end and have done pretty well, so I don’t begrudge that. It feels like they wanted Peppa at the end and when she started underperforming, they decided to keep persevering with her in the hopes that she’d turn things around and bag another win that never came. If Jonbers is meant to be the underdog, she’d have needed to have actually… won something by now. And frankly, I don’t know what they’re doing with Pixie other than showing her as pressed every episode.

    Dakota not even getting critiqued despite a great Snatch Game tells me she was never even considered for the crown and they got rid the first chance they had. Le Fil was never taken seriously as a contender either. They maybe still wanted Baby around by now?

    If those three were still in, and Peppa, Jonbers and Pixie gone, it would be a much stronger and competitive top five.
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  11. Yes, queen.
  12. This show has always struggled to balance reality TV with the competition element, and I think the time has come to separate the two: have a regular drag race competition with much more objective and consistent judging (it doesn't have to be boring, I have some faith in the producers to come up with opportunities for "drama"), and then a separate, Big Brother-like show where it's just about the personalities. Treat it similarly to an All Stars where you invite back the queens who are ready for TV but maybe didn't do that great at the competition part. I'm sure many of them would die for the chance. Throw in Michelle as host so Ru can have some free time at the ranch. It's not like they have a problem with having too many shows, is it.
  13. I genuinely thought there was nowhere to go but up after UK3 and that’s been proven incorrect.
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  14. Sam


    Honestly, nothing
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  15. Yeah, I had to fast forward through so much of that episode. It was a good idea on paper but just an awful script as usual, there wasn’t a funny moment.
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  16. The scary thing is the cast had some far better queens this season and it still tanked harder.
  17. Sam


    It’s the final 5 and I’m still watching which is … more than I can say for Season 3.
  18. I’m still loving this season. Mainly down to watching it with my mum who is getting more aware of drag culture and I love seeing it.
    Got her a RuPeter badge from Etsy for Christmas too. Going to be lush seeing her face when she opens it.
  19. Can Drag Race please stop with the scripted acting challenges? They're always tragic.
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  20. I haven't watched a scripted acting challenge (of any franchise) in years? I skip dd
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