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RuPaul's Drag Race UK (S4)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SockMonkey, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. I was left so cold by both Cheddar and Danny by the end of this that this feels so... whatever. The real winners of this were Dakota and Black Peppa as I think they will have pretty big careers out of this. I see Peppa having an Alaska in AS2 style glow up in the future - she was the heart of the season. I think Jonbers will be pretty successful after this as she demonstrated she has a great personality, and was a likeable character towards the end.

    Danny annoyed me from day one, and from following Cheddar on Instagram for years I thought I'd stan, but I ended up finding Cheddar incredibly calculated and unlikeable, and Danny just annoying most of the time. He did truly kill that roast though!

    Sad turnout for a season with some really incredible queens that didn't play out in a satisfying way.
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  2. 2014

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    The way this season started so good....
  3. Jonbers’ verse serving Roxxy Read U Wrote U. I cackled.

    What a boring ass finale. The lack of chemistry throughout.
  4. The queens were a really good bunch this season, but some of the challenges were just plain awful. The show needs a revamp.
  5. It feels a bit wild to me that a season that had a pretty stacked cast felt so limp towards the end. The challenges really are in need of a refresh, things that get them to work together and strike a bit more chemistry would be great.

    Canada has done a great job of putting little twists on things to keep them fresh so give us more of that! Also one or two less episodes would have done this season some good.
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  6. Honestly, I think it's the show's and writers' fault for some parts being bad, more so than the cast.
  7. Now we’re at four UK series, we’re at the point where the US had started All Stars. If they were to do an All Stars, who would you cast? I did three queens per series and queens that I think may come back.

    - Divina De Campo
    - Sum Ting Wong
    - Cheryl Hole
    - Tayce
    - Tia Kofi
    - Asttina Mandella
    - Choriza May
    - River Medway
    - Kitty Scott-Claus
    - Black Peppa
    - Dakota Schiffer
    - Sminty Drop
  8. If I were Tayce I'd run a mile.
  9. If I were any of these girls I'd be holding out for a Vs The World hosted by a country with cash prizes.
  10. Honestly if they keep doing two VS the world a year some of them could probably do a UK All Stars and a VS the world.
  11. Danny is a great winner, and the right winner. None of the girlies were as ready for it as she was. Dakota being suggested as a worthier alternative seems…delusional.
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  12. Even though the odds were stacked against Peppa, seeing them in the finale warmed my heart.

    Also, let them do a full remix performance of Sissy That Walk because they snapped.

  13. Dakota has more Instagram followers than Danny Beard at this point, so she's not doing too badly. If you can't win a crown, try and win somewhere else, eh?
  14. Pangina having 200k more followers than Blu teas
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  15. Apparently they're doing a Drag Race España All Stars after just a couple of seasons so a UK one feels inevitable. I'd love it to be around new year/January when it does happen. I think that added to why season 2 was so popular. It felt like more of an event at that particular time of year.
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  16. I wouldn't be surprised if the España All Stars ends up being. España V The World but they don't want to announce that just yet.

    Would be nice to see some of the Spanish speakers from other franchises on the España show.
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    The potential of Tayce and Peppa on the same season......... but we'll end up getting something like Ella and Pixie.
  18. From the spoilers I've heard, it's confirmed it's only contestants from España 1, 2 and upcoming series 3. But yeah, a Spanish language All Stars from every franchise sounds super fun and possibly inevitable a couple years down the line.
  19. ChaCharinas rejoice.
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  20. My god what a boring finale. A chore.
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