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RuPaul's Drag Race UK (S4)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SockMonkey, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. STARLET!!! Fucking hell. Imagine being Copper Topp and having to walk out right after her. Her runway alone made the finale worth watching.

    I skipped half of the episode (all judges critiques, one to one interviews, the awful “talk to the baby picture” sob stories) but I am pleased with the outcome. I am clearly in the minority here who really enjoyed Danny. This was a terrible season with a good cast but all energy and excitement got sucked out of the show by how repetitive the formula and challenges have become. I think I am done. I have also not disliked a queen as much as Cheddar in a long time.
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  2. At least we'll likely never have to sit through another one of Cheddar's confessionals

  3. What I understood is that the Vs The World seasons are to fill in the slot of an All Stars for the English speaking franchises, while the non-English speaking ones get each their own All Stars season.
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  4. I wish we learned more about Cheddar's working class background.
  5. I truly screamed at Ru laughing at the fact that Jonbers made it to top four.
  6. Also, changed the lyrics to Call Me Mother! Flashy feminine from fishy feminine.
  7. That final lipsync was very Glamamore. So good.
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  8. Jonbers’ finale look… and they kept saying “fashion queen” and panning back to it. Editing gold

    meh I enjoyed season 4 a lot (apart from squirrel games) pleased for Danny but Dakota really stole my heart
  9. I’m a bit obsessed with Jonbers’ campy little verse

    Watch for signs from the uuuuniverse
    We’re on the BBC, please don’t curse!


    She was the highlight of the finale for me, her vibe was so fun. Maybe I’m a Little Jonster!
  10. Jonbers energy was very… cable kids television presenter that would be doing links with a puppet between cartoons before Sabrina and Sister Sister were on.

    Glad Danny won out of the final two, but a number of good queens left before the finale.
  11. Baby when they got the finale invite:

  12. That megamix + performance was CUNT. Esp. the beginning!

    Thank fuck this season is finally over - it was a snoozefest.
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  13. Finales can be really boring but this wasn’t one of the worst offenders for me, I enjoyed. Really hard to argue with that as the top two of the season, and tbh, i’m pleased with a Danny win. Maybe my second favourite winner behind Lawrence?
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  14. I finally caught up and whilst the format is getting a bit (ok, very) tired... all of the contestants presented themselves beautifully and there seemed to be a genuine affinity between them and the judges. Danny's gown was stunning.
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  15. I’m catching up on the last few weeks and Pixie’s lip sync in episode 9…….
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  16. God… jonbers was the hidden gem of the season. Just sheer JOY to do anything
  17. My concluding thoughts on this season;

  18. If we’re being honest: Drag Race UK season 2 was simply a stroke of luck, wasn’t it?

    A gorgeous cast of Queens serving absolute joy at a time where we all needed that comfort and celebration of all that is camp and queer on our screens. Not to mention Bimini, the epitome of an underdog, becoming an absolute superstar.

    It’s a classic season, one of the very best from the whole franchise, and I just don’t see them surpassing it with future seasons of UK. Especially when, like with season 4, they have an incredible cast and send all of the most interesting performers home so early.
  19. The problem is, the format is so set in stone and bloody rigid, the UK will never have that progression and addictiveness we got in Seasons 1-6 of the US version.
    They need to hire better producers (getting some of the Canada ones over would be a start) and start mixing the formula up, especially with the challenges.

    Until then, or unless they do, Season 2 will probably be the only great season of Drag Race the UK will get.
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  20. Season 1 was also good, but Baga casts a bad shadow over it
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