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RuPaul's Drag Race UK (S4)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SockMonkey, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. I thought season 3 was better than 4 sorry. I just think the energy levels were VERY low key this season - because the cast actually looks stacked.

    Only Jonbers showed up to put on a show.

    It’s the Starlet’s disease ddd
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  2. Suddenly I'm anti-vax
  3. This was my favourite since UK S2 until they got rid of Dakota.
    I still haven't watched the finale.

  4. There’s a tiny clip on her TikTok and it sounds potentially boppy
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  5. I’m so glad I never have to hear “alien deity” ever again tbh x
  6. Jonbers-a was great-a...until I noticed the a-a.
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  7. If the next UK season sucks please just cancel it ddd
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  8. Noooo babes, we want a UK All Stars feat. cast of season 2 (plus Dakota) before they cancel it.
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  9. I don't care how bad the seasons get; the show is an important middle finger to the anti-LGBT+ sentiment here on TERF Island. They need to keep it running.
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  10. I can't see them getting the top names for UK All Stars without any prize money. It needs to be bought out by Paramount Plus Uk or whatever.
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  11. All Stars is fine hon, but not another God-awful dead energy 'normal' season.

    And I was kinda joking when I said what I said, I'm sure our Brit queens can bring another AMAZING to GREAT season like 1 and 2.
  12. Canada/UK/Down Under are probably not getting an All Stars season since we already have the Vs The World format.
  13. I would have said the “vs The World” format was essentially shaping up to be an international All Stars with a rotating host nation (giving Ru a breather on hosting duties) but then I saw the cast for Canada vs The World……….
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  14. That feels very ‘I did badly and I’m bitter’. There is an incentive to win Drag Race, it just isn’t financial. And there is also a way to make yourself inexpendable, she just didn’t. There’s a touch of truth to what she’s saying, but I’m not buying it all.
  15. Miss Green right about one thing though, The Traitors is the best reality tv show in years period.
  16. She had an impact in Season 2...
  17. The BBC can offer prize money, but not with the level of producer meddling that happens on DR…
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  18. Yeah exactly, Drag Race is far too subjective for the BBC to offer a cash prize.

    Let’s see if the fans are happy if/when the BBC loses its contract and the show moves to a niche streaming platform that offers 50k for the winner but they lose any exposure outside of the core drag race audience. . . There’s no obvious solution that will work well for everyone.
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  19. A devouring.
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