RuPaul's Drag Race UK *SPOILERS*

Has someone on the Drag Race UK insta got the timing wrong on the who should win posts?

Or are they going to include Vanity?
Oh it's on twitter too. They are seemingly doing 1 an hour. So we should know by 10 if they have fucked up or not.
Doing nice- cute drag to a reasonably competent level.

Haha don't get me wrong I actually quite enjoy Ella and get her humour. I don't know if it's being from the same part of the world as her though? And her Nigella was hilarious.

But I don't think she is bringing anything new to the table. She'd still be the second best UK winner though.
I don't think any of the remaining queens have really stood out as Drag Race Winner material to me... It's hard to tell who they're even storylining for. Krystal maybe? I don't know.
Considering that they’ll make a decision based on “variety” of winners in a picture line-up… Kitty is out due to being a comedy queen immediately after Laurence and Krystal is out for being a little too similar to Aquaria aesthetically, in my opinion.

They’re gunning for a “vaguely posh Brit winner” (choosing a rather privileged white male in this climate for “diversity” of winners is especially hilarious to me) so Ella has this sewn up (even though Victoria Scone was nailed on for the crown from the start - WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN etc)