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RuPaul's Drag Race UK Tea *SPOILERS*

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Mar 25, 2019.

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    I avoided spoilers all series but the last few eliminations have been hell, and seeing that it's getting no better......a season that started so good turning crickets is just disappoiting.
  2. Honestly, they need to cut it out with the 'one inevitable baked-in double save' in the Ru-helmed seasons - it is beyond tired, and if anything, is frustrating with regard to momentum. If they have a quota of episodes to fill, just cast more people.

    Thankfully, it appears they've rectified most of the wrongs seen on S14 of the main franchise by going with a bigger cast for S15 - let's see how it goes.
  3. Season 14 had a greatish cast, so the ten non-elimination episodes on the middle weren't that bad
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  4. Had it been S13, which was already heading south on the non-elimination front... electric chair.
  5. BTG


    I can’t Dakota’s exit wasn’t at all justified and the tea about it being extremely controversial was correct.

    I can’t believe Pixie and Jonbers are still in the competition with the former making it to the final.

    I can’t believe that was Peppa’s last non-bottom two performance of the entire season and she deserved to be low, if not bottom two.
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  6. Season 14 needed more non-elimination episodes I think.
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  7. Is there any tea on why Ru wasn’t present this week?
  8. Through the power of editing and narrating they could easily have a no bottom top 2 lip-synch sprinkled in instead of a double shantay, imagine how well that would've been received in the musical episode.
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  9. Winner?

  10. They are also judging Porn Idol tomorrow night. Would the winner of the season really want to spend their winning evening staring at some small flaccid penises?
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  11. Cheddar and Danny have been announced for a couple of joint gigs in December this week for Belfast and Dublin. Usually just the winner alone would be a big enough draw there. I can't see either of them massively outperforming the other in either the remix or lipsync, so maybe a double crowning after all?
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    Bring on Season 5 already please! The way this crashed and burned after Dakota left.
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  13. Honestly, I wouldn't hate them sharing a crown - they've both been strong throughout the competition and have something to offer the hall of fame, but almost to a fault.
    I still love Cheddar and would love to see her take it, as stoic and guarded as she's been.
    Regardless of the result, I wouldn't mind seeing a lot of this cast come back.
  14. It's Danny.
  15. BTG


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  16. Danny deserved! So so pleased for them!
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