RuPaul's Drag Race UK

I think Baga Chipz is going to get ripped apart by the fan base. She’s giving me real Silky vibes.

I’m stanning for Divina, Cheryl and Vinegar off the back of the Meet the Queens videos.
American Drag Race stans are going to be baffled by some of these rough and ready regional queens.

Too damn excited for this, it's took all my will power but I could tell from the icy air that The Vivienne filled the room with when I bought this up to her a month or two ago that my lips should be sealed. Y'all really aint ready for the slayage that is about to come. I think there may be a queen that serves us more lewks but if you want performance, comedy, wit and talent Viv is your girl.

HOWL at Gothy saying she isn't a performer and 'prefers to DJ and host parties', I can't wait for her I Wanna Go lip sync moment.