RuPaul's Drag Race UK

Given that this is Drag Race UK, I’m a bit disappointed by the absence of older, could only be from the UK, end-of-the-pier, bawdy, comedy queens in the lineup. The only ones who sort of fit that description are the Vivienne and Baga Chipz, who seems to have already shot herself in the foot.

There are a few too many Farrah Moan types who profess that their main skill is doing their makeup and trying on outfits around the house. One of them even admitted to being nervous about the performance side of the competition - imagine applying to Drag Race and having no performance skills!
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Rooting for Cheryl and Viv. I’ve followed Cheryl on insta for a while and Viv’s personality definitely outshines the rest.
This matches the leaked cast from almost a year ago when they were filming. What baffles me is why one of the many UK promoters hasn’t got a Drag Race UK Tour out there and announced this morning. Unless World of Wonder have something up their sleeves, it seems a bit of a no brainier given 9 of the Queens are UK based (Divina lives in Gran Canaria).
Omg I didn't know Gothy Kendoll was on.
In and out of drag.
I've been following her on instagram for like 2 and a half / 3 years now.
Well, that's exciting.

The only one I really know is Sum Ting who I like very much but Divina is absolutely lovely in person and (politics and personal views aside for a very brief moment) so is Baga. I met Cheryl once during a conversation with a mutual friend and she seemed nice enough but we didn't talk for very long, she was talking more to my friend. I don't know the rest so I'm ready to be surprised.