RuPaul's Drag Race UK


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I really really liked most of those queens, I’m so excited!

ive somehow managed never to see Tia despite seeing her name everywhere in London, so the only one I’ve seen is Lawrence, who I thought was hilarious both then and in this video. Their outfit is one of my least favourites here but I have seen so much exceptional make up and costume work on their Instagram that I’m hoping they’ll be bringing it on that front on the show.

Besides Lawrence I really enjoyed Tia, Tayce, Ginny, Asttina and Bimini a lot. Veronica and Sister seemed cute, A’Whora, Ellie, Cherry and Joe are the ones I got the least from so far (if anyone is friends with them I don’t hate them!!)

Just announced on Instagram: MNEK and Lorraine Kelly back as actual judges, with Sheridan Smith, Liz Hurley and Jourdan Dunn
Why Lorraine Kelendria!?
Imagine Janet Street-Porter as a guest judge.
I can't see Bimini walk in without making a soap opera quote.
I'm also placing bets that she'll follow that into Snatch Game... If she doesn't choose Katie Price first.

Joe might, although I feel like she'd be more likely to reference Keeping Up Appearances.