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Also, the votes for her to leave made no sense, really, and felt a lot more personal (based on the reasons given) than the votes against Scarlett, who in fairness did actually bomb the challenge (while also looking an absolute mess for reasons that did not seem to relate to the advert) and could have stepped up her runway look more.
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Charity is clearly exceptionally talented but they didn't understand her and it did feel repetitive at times. The silhouette looks the same and she always had something stuck to her face. That being said she's probably my favourite from the season and she showed such fucking amazing looks.

Also I love Scarlet

Why invite Charity on the show knowing her drag style is what made you choose her for the show, only to then criticise her every move? Michelle saying she needs to switch it up when she was giving 'glam' in the challenge and then her 'creepy' on the runway... It makes no sense.

This, this and this.

Ru wants to be "on trend" but still he is enjoying one type of Drag Queen, so why on earth did you have to bring something new on the show just to tear it down?

This week Charity didn't deserve to be in the bottom, let alone go home.
Also, base don the judges critiques, there was a clear top 02 in River and Vanity... so why don't assign a RuPeter Badge?

This show really doesn't make sense most of the times. Well, next week Nadine will be there, so YAY!
I see a lot of people hating on the challenge, but to be fair, it was SO open ended, a mildly creative person with a bit of artistic vision could have pulled of something infinitely better. I like it when they keep these challenges up to the queens because it shows us a lot about who they are, and it turns out they're all fairly vacuous. It would have probably been better had the queens been working alone.

I need a Choriza, River, Crystal top 3.
If the filming schedule this season was as tight as the rumours suggested then they probably had basically no time at all to even script these commercials. It seemed pretty telling that Krystal and Charity were arguing over whether they had time to finish scripting or actually do their make-up. A show which wanted queens to thrive wouldn't be giving them the bare minimum of time to write a script and then demand creative innovation.

I thought it was also indicative of time constraints that they did the challenge in two groups rather than individually as has usually been the case for the commercial challenges. It sounded like they only got 45 minutes of filming each, now imagine multiplying that by 8 commercials rather than 2.
We all know Krystal will be in the top 4 but I have no idea who else will be up there with her. It feels like any of the remaining queens could have an equal chance of getting the boot next week.