RuPaul's Drag Race UK

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We all know Krystal will be in the top 4 but I have no idea who else will be up there with her. It feels like any of the remaining queens could have an equal chance of getting the boot next week.

Kitty is getting the Baga edit, flying over what seems to be an increasingly lower and lower bar, so I know she's going to be there. I'm just hoping to see Choriza and River or Scarlett to be there too.
I'm a bit frustrated by Kitty's edit, because I've been a fan of hers for quite a while and I do know her fairly well. I suspected that they'd hone in on her rather 'Love of Huns' shtick, which I actually think is a strength for her POV, but I'm a bit dismayed that her screen time so far is portraying her in quite a one-dimensional way, as she genuinely is so much more than that.

I don't think it's coincidental that she has been the go-to person for two of the season's most touching moments (her conversations with Charity re: HIV and Scarlett re: her mother), as, from my experience, she's a genuinely lovely, warm person. I hope that in the coming episodes, we're able to see a more rounded edit of her, as she's a talented and charismatic performer too.
Am I the only person genuinely enjoying this series? It’s never going to be series 2 level (nothing ever will be) but I don’t spend every episode bored out of my mind.

There are quite a few viewing parties in Cardiff and everyone seems just as into it as usual. Same on Twitter.
How was this weeks challenge any worse than any other bottom of the make-up bag pop culture "satire" they cram down our throats every season? Remember when they cracked a rib laughing at Eureka's classic "yeah we know girl!" in the hilarious Drag Race Dating App challenge? Only Reek!

And how can we forget Asia's prosthetic warts and silly nose!

Maybe they should give that green screen back to the Doctor Who set and let these queens work with some fresh material! Stop expecting "originality" when toilet humour has been triumphing in these kind of challenges for the last 45 seasons! The same bitches that PANNED comedy classics like Nina & Tina and Club 96 aren't to be trusted!

Here's why I feel for Scarlett: Being a queer kid obviously comes with being outcasted, wanting to find your people. You see drag and start to go to shows and you feel like finally you can fit in and express artistry and celebrate the art of being queer creatives together. Then you start to actually do drag and you meet other drag queens and you see how competition driven it is to become somebody... and realize they will outcast you again just as quickly as any cis hetero person. And it hurts. Competition or not, it hurts.

Then there is Charity, who I feel for because she is ALSO not being celebrated. She is being torn down for doing her style of drag and it not being what they want. Sure Michelle can say "We just want you to expand what drag is to you", okay, so, make all the glam queens do horror shit. They never really will. Because this show isn't about expanding someone's drag- as it claims to be- it's about moving goal posts for different people and creating dramatic reality tv show storylines.

This show is at it's absolute worse when it decides to not celebrate drag, but instead make the queens feel like losers and that they're not accepted for doing the kind of drag they do.

And if you want the queens to make more out of a challenge... Have them do some better challenges. I though the second ad was *fine*, it wasn't great. It looks like something a Drag Race Challenge Script Generator would come up with, but we're a million seasons into Drag Race already... What different types of jokes do you really want here?? And of course the only chuckle Ru got the entire episode was Scarlett saying she was going to make a Joan Crawford joke. A Joan Crawford joke... On MY Drag Race? Now THAT'S groundbreaking never been done before comedy!..... Christ.

Anyways - please don't @ me in your "If you don't like it, why do you watch it?" irrelevant responses. I watch Drag Race because I DO celebrate drag, and I like to get to see the drag these queens do. But this season especially is really not highlighting anyone and i'm hoping that turns around.
The palpable tension between the girls and watching it crack made this week very entertaining, tbh I love a good meltdown. Scarlett’s reactions were perfectly normal throughout - this show isn’t ready for the bombshell that people are complex and can be pissed off at times without it being the sign of some deep, psychological flaw ddd - and it was quite refreshing to see some authentic human emotion? Instead of the usual childishly drawn character arcs and weak ~activism spiels.
I will momentarily release foot pressure from Michelle's neck to say she kind of spilled with the Charity critiques. I don't think accenting that gum drops and buttons pixie fantasy with a face that said my name is Maggie Smith and im stuck in a chimney worked at all. They just conceptually felt at odds. And honestly her whiney youngest child vibe she had in confessionals kind of rubbed me the wrong way oop. Supremely talented but it was her time to go!

I knew she was doomed from the start with her aesthetic. Incredibly talented but just not what the show conventionally prefers. Once someone in here said Ru hated her i noticed it more!

RuPaul always goes on about how different drag in Britain is different but at the end of the day the show is done through an American lens. I’d love a format that is not so copy and paste rom the Americans.
Country differences aside, drag itself is so vast and varied... And while, yes, the casts of Drag Race can be kind of diverse as far as styles... Anyone who deviates too far from what Ru and Michelle deem as acceptable gets told to "try the other side of things" whereas no one doing the norm gets told to try something wilder. It's why I love in every episode of Dragula they tell the contestants that drag is art, art is subjective, and they will be judged not for their drag style itself, but how they used their drag to interpret the challenge.