RuPaul's Drag Race UK

Best episode of the season by far. The guest judge was amazing and had such positive great spirit. And I love Ru posed a "Who did you like the best?" instead of the standard negative "whose did you hate?" - this show sews negativity and drama against the queens so often that i'm glad to see that they didn't go that route. I only wish Krystal had not been bothered no one picked her.
I also loved this challenge. It's rare Drag Race ventures out of their standard go-to challenges. And usually it's a hot dumpster fire when they do it so I was worried, but this was such good fun. I definitely wouldn't mind them doing this timed style + quick change challenge more often.

Also, SO glad that Vanity stayed. Her critique was "This was great, but was it too late in the competition?"...... How is that a fair critique?? Like. At all?? I would've been pissed if she had left after that being her main critique. Such a good lipsync too. I wish she had kept the dress on for 5 extra seconds just to make the reveal more dramatic. And props to her for putting a damn lipsync outfit underneath: Something that everyone that ever wears a gown on this show should do but no one ever does for some reason.
I found the challenges a bit of a slog and kept thinking that Choriza would have turned out some fashion forward fugly stuff

That lipsync though - Vanity killed it
I thought this was a great challenge (and ironic because of how fast they filmed the season). Also Krystal managing to squeeze out three different faces was extremely iconic and I'm shocked she wasn't praised for it.

Haven't almost all the Queens denied this? Wasn't it said it was made up by Charity?


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As a miserable old person who doesn’t often get too many references, can I ask, is Charity Shop Sue meant to be funny? I really wasn’t getting it.

It should be a character that is absolutely up my street and in my humour vein, but I don't really find her funny either. Especially the YouTube series which just leaves me stone cold. It makes no sense that I don't find it that funny. She reminds me of Hazell Dean for some reason.