RuPaul's Drag Race UK

I mean if you're gonna talk about showing your ass on twitter. Vivian has done that multiple times. From being unable to take criticism to hating on pronouns.
Remember when she didn't know who Alan Turing was?

Critise Divina all you like but she is very tapped into queer history and genuinely seems to want to leave people more educated about it than before they met her.
Ant was definitely living for his moment. They both looked great and quite amazing to see the franchise go absolutely major Prime Time. Lawrence and Vivienne struggled in parts but it was a fun bit.
Honestly UK vs The World has so far been pointless for the UK queens. The prize is shit, and they've had a pittance of an increase in Instagram followers. Probably they're not being exposed to much of a new audience here unlike Pangina and Jimbo, so whoever was going to follow them was already doing so.


Now if it was US versus The World it might be something to invest time and money in.
Is there week 3 update of this by any chance?
Jesy was trending on Twitter after the performance.
Oh really? I'm not surprised but that's amazing. It's really uncanny in that photo.

I'm actually quite shocked at how log those Instagram bump figures are. Is the show difficult to access outside of the UK?
It's on WOW+ everywhere but the UK I think.

But if you're accessing it by other means, then no, it's not difficult to find.