RuPaul's Drag Race UK

Season 3 had the unfortunate task of following Season 2, and the most interesting cast members (Victoria, Charity, River & Choriza) left in near-rapid succession.

Yep, the path to the final three on S3 was very odd. Pushing Ella as a frontrunner with 4 wins and one of the best track records ever, but simultaneously airing repeated criticisms from her fellow cast members that she was 'dull' is one of the strangest editing decisions I recall from the show - not that the audience wasn't able to tell Ella was dull themselves, but it just felt odd from production to lean into a rather damning criticism for a Drag Queen/reality show contestant further, knowing she was making the final. Krystal felt like an immediate threat out of the gate with a double win, plus offering a very different frontrunning character compared to Viv and Lawrence, but then they pulled a Lawrence and started plaguing her second-half with a lot of negatives, doubts that she had talents beyond looks etc. And they did absolutely nothing towards building Kitty as a genuine threat beyond servicing her as a confessional queen acting as a mouthpiece for Love of Huns.

Decimating the best characters from the cast mid-season created a huge impact, but they really didn't help themselves in building a strong case for those they had left.

Thankfully, looking at the S4 finalists, we don't appear to have the same issue.
I dreamed about a week ago that I had access to time travel and what I decided that I would do with that miraculous gift was go back and apply for UK 3 and completely rip off Jinkx's AS7 run.
The only reason I'll watch this season is if Black Peppa is on the cast.
I have my fingers crossed for Starlet, I am obsessed with her looks on TikTok.

The only reason I'll watch this season is if Rupaul and Michelle are no longer on the judging panel.

Who am I kidding. I'll continue watching it.

Sadly Michelle will be sitting there not understanding anything about the queens and their drag plus all the references / jokes will be lost in translation.