RuPaul's Drag Race UK

I'm seeing a pattern with the MTQ's for DRUK; 2 & 4 looked like they had budget and style in abundance...
1 & 3 had what they had.

Baby's energy throughout the episode, bigging up not only herself, but literally everyone who walked in is some queen shit - I love her.

Danny & Peppa demonstrated how you twin on a look - bring your drag POV to it! They made a signature look distinctly their own. Is Mr. Blobby well known overseas, or is the UK's national sleep paralysis demon about to Freddie Krueger his way overseas?

Last thought: The girls are going to feel so ugly standing on that runway next week with the stunning angel that is FKA twigs looking right at them.
I hope with next week being the girl group challenge they have either 3 or 4 groups. Or if it's 2 declare just 1 winner or have a lip sync for the win. Otherwise after 2 episodes we could potentially have 7 queens (if a group of 6 all win and Pepper is in the losing group) that have challenge wins.

Like I know there isn't a prize for challenge wins in the UK so having multiple winners is easier. But it would still seem over the top.
TWO MR BLOBBYS I can't with this show. It's very soon to say it but this feels like a huge course correction. Black Peppa immediately looks like the winner but she certainly has some credible competition.

I'm... obsessed with Just May? I mean it's absolutely correct that she went home but I'd go see her show any day. Dakota gave me very little but I will grudgingly admit her lip sync was pretty solid. Le Fil was lucky to be safe, both looks were underwhelming.
Mr Blobby sat at home watching this first episode: