RuPaul's Drag Race UK

• Obsessed with Peppa from the second she walked in, what a star.
• Starlet looked gorgeous but oh my god I am really not enjoying her energy at all (plus I am struggling to understand her most of the time). Probably my least favourite cast member so far.
• Really happy Dakota smashed the lipsync.
• I am underwhelmed by Cheddar’s first episode.
• The Stratford Westfield mention.
I keep getting Little Boots from Dakota's confessionals. I am loving her. Cheddar is my #1 though and I thought she'd be more than safe.
Can we replace Michelle with Joanna Lumley please? Felt so bad for Copper. She nailed the Two Soups look and the character she did WAS the whole story. Julie was a useless old waitress. She bounces off of the seriousness of Celia and Duncan in the sketch.
Morbidly intrigued by Starlet's library volume setting. Blink twice if you need help, missy! There's something comforting about having Peppa on a season because you know anybody with a confessional look that iconic will keep you fed for weeks. Her dramatic retelling of Valentina's Mask Gate will forever live in the Drag Race canon and i will be stanning accordingly

And not Just May turning up with one wig and one breast plate, securing a Ru Girl title for booking fees and dipping. Queen of looking anguished

Very sad about Cherry/George’s passing. She was such a joy to watch on her season. And she was so young too. ❤️

Black Peppa entering the workroom and dominating that episode is giving Symone’s trajectory. I’m not surprised if she won (as she should).

The cast this time around just works and a trans Asian queen that’s really likeable and deliver some lewks, I stan. I can’t wait for more.