RuPaul's Drag Race UK

Dakota is giving main character and I’m here for it girls.

Starlet turning into a malfunctioning, stunted robot while giving her thank you speech on stage had us screaming.

Baby's group tried to do entirely too much which was their downfall. They were all practically writing dissertations for their lyrics while trying to do complex choreography. I didn't think the other group were particularly great but they kept it simple.
Starlet absolutely sits at home in silence and rips the heads off of Barbie’s while staring unblinkingly at a photo of Ru that she nailed to the wall.
Baby was FUMING after watching the winning team and rightfully so... she knew she was robbed of a badge just for being on the wrong team. I really don't understand why the girl group challenge win is shared on UK because the winning team wasn't that great either, certainly not as good as Baby's performance.

I was ready for Starlet to leave last week but know I'm kinda sad she's gone, even if she was never going to survive a performance challenge. The delusion and unintentional camp she served all episode...