RuPaul's Drag Race UK

Any one of this year’s class will be a welcome addition to an upcoming All Stars or Vs The World season - I’m mildly gagged by how fond I became of DeDe (who in my memory did not outstay her welcome in the end).

I did have a tinge of sadness that Cara didn’t make it to filming for the final episode (am I right in assuming it wasn’t strictly illness that caused her no-show?) You just know that “Photo RuView Game” they played had so many Cara toots and production didn’t include because they didn’t want to draw attention to her absence…
With the exception of one piece, Ginger made everything she wore. I'm happy to see that level of talent rewarded, and Michael will be back at some point for more success, because they were brilliant too. I don't think we've ever had a queen like Ginger win, whose campy aesthetic feels so distinctly English, but also, I don't think any other queen in that contest understands colour the way she does, the way she uses it in her drag. Sometimes she seems like a high-fashion panto dame, other times like an Abigail's Party fan, but always a true eccentric.
There are already so many I’d like to come back!

Until finding this thread I wasn’t really aware people weren’t into the last couple of seasons- for me there’s always been a good 3 or 4 queens to root for each season.

I kinda wish the finales were big Saturday night live shows I feel so deflated knowing they filmed each girl winning and it’s just edited.
None of this seasons Lip-Syncs have done much for me but the song choices have generally been pretty bland. Where’s the sassy bangers?
“Celebrity Big Brother Winner, Tamara Thomas”