RuPaul's Drag Race UK

Last night I was able to catch up with season 5 finally.
It kind of stalled in the middle but ended up being better than the last 2.
I liked that the elimination order was kind of unexpected. After the first episodes I was sure Cara and Vicki would be in the finale and I thought Ginger and Michael would go somewhere in the middle.
I was expecting DeDe to leave at any moment and she made it to the semi final, SCREAM!
Even when I'm happy Ginger won, my heart was crushed Michael didn't take it.
Had a rewatch of season 5 the last couple of days and it really is such a great season. Still wish Michael won but Ginger was definitely much better than I remember and I actually liked them alot more this time around.

Still wondering what Vicki's issue was? Other than clearly being bitter because she thought she was the shit.

Was it because Cara wasn't there to argue with about the mirror message so she had to get herself any sort of screen time and decided to start with Dede? I definitely think some of the other queens should've defended Dede more but the looks on some on their faces, Michael's and Tomara's especially, looked like they agreed with Vicki. Is there some backstage Dede stuff there I missed?