RuPaul's Drag Race UK

Ellie had a bad case of "we're dragging her to top 4 whatever happens". She didn't even need the help up until the last few episodes but then it became very clear. I imagine she wouldn't get the hate she does if she'd gone out in 5th place.
They/them, he/him
Wasn't Pixie Tia's ex and once you realised that everything she did came off as a watered down version of Tia dd

My enduring memory of Pixie is that she admitted to cheating on Tia and then cried about it in a blatant “feel sorry for me” ploy.

Edit: Didn’t she have some sort of uninteresting beef with Jonbers? Another incredibly forgettable queen!
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A'Whora absolutely should've been top 4 over Ellie. And as much we all loved Cherry, Tayce absolutely obliterated that lipsync and arguably she shouldn't have been in the bottom when she was but that's never stopped Ru. You know, as did Ru, you're going to get a SHOW with Tayce and she brought it every single time.

Ellie in the top 3 over Tayce?
Piers no. No.
I was disappointed they eliminated A’Whora purely for the ‘friends lip sync against each other’ narrative. She was Top 4 material over Ellie who was basically Lawrence’s running mate and barely delivered anything of note the entire time she was there. They could’ve shoved Ellie in the bottom with Tayce that week - job done.
I thought she was joking with one of the endings being a tie, but miss Angeria came in real quick to corroborate that story dd

Didn't subtitles on one of the streaming services indicate a tie was almost used. As the subtitles on the credits were of the tie. Or was that fake?
I think the only thing spoiling a “tie” filming does it show who was clearly in 3rd in some instance. Like in season 6 they filmed a Bianca win, Adore win, Courtney win, and a tie between Bianca and Adore, so Courtney basically knew there was no way she would be the winner.