RuPaul's Drag Race (US)

Well since Heidi is ineligible for Fame Games I have no clue who I care to vote for now tbh...
Not that i've even been watching the runways, but just thinking about the cast as a whole and how they are on the runway... Eh. Maybe Alexis - just to be messy. It'll probably end up going to whoever leaves in the last episodes.
Somebody from Vulture wrote an article about how this season is Jimbo's to lose and our favorite drag queen got mad oop.

They didn't lie.
What's the reverse of adoption?

The bus stop.

The "Snatch Game of Love" format remains truly awful; if Jaymes and Heidi had been on the same panel as Alexis and Jimbo, we might have gotten a bit of comedic interaction, but halving the girls just makes no sense.

I like Jimbo and clearly they are incredibly talented and the one to beat, but...I didn't love Shirley Temple the way everyone else seems to. The commitment to the voice/bit was great, and the tap dancing was a giggle, but I didn't find any of the "jokes" that funny. Then again, almost everyone else (including Alexis) were just plain bad. I would have given it to Jaymes.

That said, Jimbo's runway was truly iconique...and a great example of Jimbo's talent/brain: could have just stopped at the Adam/Eve gag, but to include the apple & snake takes it to the next level.
The bus stop.
The best part is Monica's voice note runway commentaries where she doesn't even seem to remember what she had wore for that runway. The reveal one was "I have this gorgeous coat on, I take it off, Another outfit underneath. Thigh high boots, And then, Another reveal" like okay girl give us nothing.

Queen of consistency!
Watching the Snatch Game back, Jimbo‘s really was one of the all time greats for me, wildly entertaining, got better and better as it went on, truly truly excellent.

I could do without Kandy in general but I do think her performance was plenty good enough for safety, the whole second group did well enough to survive. Bottom was totally right tbf.
Alexis Michelegend being instrumental in her competitor's downfall with her enigmatic display of contradiction and treachery. The way Heidi's future hung by a turquazz thread. How did her booklet of Bea Arthur notes fail to make me laugh? Did y'all get the T in C.L.A.T?

Jimbo crushed the snatch game and the insoles of those tap shoes. I couldn't tell if that dumb bitch was thee Shirley Temple, Melanie Martinez or Olivia Lux!

Alexis did what Alyssa Edwards did on AS2, just quoted the show/movie/character with no context and made Ru laugh. Yawn.