RuPaul's Drag Race (US)

I know she’s probably problematic as hell/would hate the entire challenge, but I’m still disappointed we don’t have Faye D as a guest judge.
Literally everyone, except Jimbo, was better than Kandy in that Rusical. Alexis had one of the best performances and the best look and she’s safe?!? These fucking judges…

Darienne looking great in the Fame Games again. And I liked MKDs runway this week - maybe she should have worn that for the Ass runway

I thought the Rusical was good? Everyone did alright. I think Jimbo probably deserved to be in the bottom, but I can see why they kept her safe if they thought there was a risk of Kandy chopping her (I don't think she deserved to win but they were going to give her one at some point).
Kandy had hands down the best song in the rusical, it's shocking no one other than Jessica fought for it as it was clearly the standout. Her, LaLa, and Alexis all did the best for me.

It was equally preposterous for either Alexis and Jimbo to be safe, although for completely different reasons. These producers have no follow through. We just had an episode with drama built off whether Kandy would send Jimbo home and then an episode Kandy wins where Jimbo was clearly one of the worst and they don't even let that be a possible option. Assuming cause they were afraid Kandy would actually do it nn.
I’ve not seen the Rusical yet, but I don’t think that Kandy would’ve eliminated Jimbo if he was in the bottom. If she did, then it vindicates Heidi’s perception of the conversation she had with Kandy and then it puts a target on her back next time she is in the bottom as the queens may see her as dishonest or at least Heidi’s version of events was more believable. I don’t think Kandy is that stupid. However, the producers didn’t want to take the chance this time even if Jimbo being in the bottom was warranted. What will be interesting is if they do that stupid ‘if you’re not in the top, you’re in the bottom’ and Kandy wins again whether she will take the opportunity to eliminate Jimbo then.
They should've just kept everyone on stage and had Jimbo with Jaymes & Kahanna as the bottom, with Alexis in the top with Lala, Kandy & Jessica. I do think this was Alexis Michelle's week, cause her look was amazing and I believe the Top 3 all had really good performances. Kandy only should've won if they actually had Jimbo in the bottom like @TheOnlyOne mentioned. I don't think she would've done it, but this was probably the only chance to get that moment without it looking too manufactured.