RuPaul's Drag Race (US)

Sorry about it, but Jaymes was the worst in the Rusical and Kandy was one of three viable winners along with Lala & Jessica, potentially Alexis too (though I don’t think she ‘shone’ as bright this time)

Honestly just about the only week the judging has been accurate, other than that Kahanna probably deserved safety over Jimbo.

V surprised how the vote played out though!
Jessica Wild giving Latina Grace Jones is something I never knew I needed.

I don’t understand the over-the-top praise for Kandy. She wasn’t bad but she wasn’t great. And I just kept thinking I wish this was Alyssa Edwards.

Angeria should have won that lip sync. She was serving face with that Grace Jones song but the camera just wasn’t on her enough so it was clear the producers didn’t want her to win.