RuPaul's Drag Race (US)

Kahanna should have just gone home in episode 2. She peaked with the girl groups, getting the victory and doing a superb lip sync was a great redemption, and WIN-ELIMINATED would be iconic. It feels now like she's just hanging about waiting to put out her misery.

Losing the three comedy camp queens back to back feels a mistake too.
The queen who wins the first episode almost always gets kept for ages despite needing to go. As the queen's use that one win to justify keeping them. Even if it's with someone like Kahanna or India. Where it's basically been Win then all bottoms.
The fact that Kahanna survived another episode when she doesn't even want to be there anymore ... Kandy is rotted for that. What is the reason? We're getting yet another acting challenge she is going to bomb, and Jaymes could have done really well at. So annoying.
Every other girl picked Jaymes as well, so it was gonna happen no matter what.
I’ve mentioned it before but the way some of y’all talk about the black and brown plus sized queens in particular is…very noticeable.
How so? I can't see anything in the discussion about this episode that goes beyond people saying who they thought did better than others. The general consensus being that LaLa and Alexis did brilliantly and would have been a good top 2, while Kandy wasn't the worst, but shouldn't have been in the top either.
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I was annoyed by the main episode so didn't even bother with Untucked. I would have thought Kahanna would be the one picked, based on her bottom track record.
1 win + 3 bottoms VS 0 wins + 2 bottoms, with two “high” placements that felt more like low placements based on the critiques in the first two episodes. The queens did vote on track record.
Let's not forget Roxxxy

I did think about including Roxxxy. But other than Snatch Game, I didn't feel like Roxxxy hard bombed many of the other challenges. From memory at least.

And she had much stiffer competition. The lowest placed person she competed against was 6th placed.

Kahanna finished 13th and isn't even the lowest placed finisher in All Stars 8.
I do think it’s telling that the show is being accused of producer riggory when this is Kandy’s first win and in the grand scheme of things, it wasn’t undeserved. Jessica was my personal favourite in the ball but her win was more debated than Kandy’s this week, yet it wasn’t considered an action of riggory by anyone. Same for Kahanna in week one which seemed like it came from nowhere, or Jaymes 2 high placements in the first 2 episodes which seemed like low placements that have been misread.

But one win for Kandy is production masterminding her to be carried to the finale… Oh ok, yeah. Sure.

People are more saying the riggery is in Jimbo conveniently not being in the bottom after the focus on would Kandy eliminate them or not.

There's way more talk of favouritism toward Jimbo than there is about production rigging it for Kandy.

But I guess a lot of it comes down to whether or not we think a certain queen deserves a win on any given week. It's subjective. I personally think it's pretty crazy for Kandy to win this week over LaLa, Alexis or Jessica. Kandy has been mid-low this whole season for me, with some really poor runways. I just don't feel like Kandy brings it on the same level as some of the other queens. Clearly others will feel differently.
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Kandy kinda snapped this episode. Her lip sync was fantastic.

I didnt love her runway though. They all have the same shape issues
I actually did think Kandy won the lip sync, but it was fairly close. It was a good lip sync.

I didn't like her runway though. The idea was good but the execution wasn't. Some bits were a bit mangled and it made it look like it was one that had been made in the workroom with cardboard.
Kahanna went from being eliminated last week to somehow surviving bottom 2 this week erm the queens must hate Jaymes that much nn.. The judging was a mess (but whats new? only Snatch Game had normal judging). Alexis was clearly the best both in the challenge and on the runway. Lalari was a close second and she finally didn't look a mess on the runway (same with Kandy Ho)
1 win + 3 bottoms VS 0 wins + 2 bottoms, with two “high” placements that felt more like low placements based on the critiques in the first two episodes. The queens did vote on track record.
Totally. Also I know she’s a quirky internet fave, but her energy and some of her looks were a bit clunky throughout the season. She did very well all the same and is clearly super talented and witty.

As a viewer, it always felt she was a bit removed from the rest of the cast but concede everyone has an edit, etc. If this wasn’t “her week” it was likely to be soon enough.