RuPaul's Drag Race

Q is kind of an example of all talent no taste when it comes to her costumes. The actual coat dress was really fucking cool, beautifully designed and crafted, but the whole look was styled so poorly and didn’t really fit the brief. The cheap ass thigh high boots, the fishnets - it just didn’t work.

Dawn’s look was very cool but I feel like the chandler aspect of it didn’t read super well on the Runway because of it being all black.

Nymphia and Sapphira were my top 2 this week.
How are we going to get Mhi’ya out of the competition jfnfnnd

I have a feeling it’ll be an Alyssa Hunter v Kerri Colby situation…she wins the lip sync but will still go home. The only competition I see for her is Morphine and maybe Sapphira, but we’ll see.
The fandom all of a sudden LOVING Plasma and being sad she's gone once she lost a lipsync to a talented black queen hmm!!! Amazing how fast people's opinions change, not weird at all.
I think the wider fandom has always been pretty positive towards Plasma? It’s just this place that hates her.
This. The only place I’ve seen Plasma deeply hated is this thread ddd.

I don’t hate Plasma the way you all do, but I’m not sad to see her go either. It is frustrating as a viewer though the way the show arbitrarily switches between track record or the actual lip sync being the determining factor (like when Amanda clearly beat Q in the lip sync but the producers are obviously eyeing Q to make it far.)
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Well I'm sure they would've kept Plasma if Plasma gave a performance they could have edited into anything decent, but there's a point where you can't even justify it through a poorly-done uneven editing of a lipsync!!! Mhi'ya ate her up!
Q next please!