RuPaul's Drag Race

Sisterr I don't think they'd have been gagged anyway.
Well... True.

Plasma got obliterated in that lipsync. Like it was as the song suggests, bloody!

Now on the other hand I'm glad star of the best movie of last year Kaia Gerber was clocked in and managed to Gag Good Ol' Visage and her tired reads cause wdym 'WE COULDNT SEE HER FACE' yeah cause she had a concept and a fully realized outfit that matched the theme. Not even the biggest fan of her but Nymphia was straight up robbed this week.
Q needs to start wearing some wigs to hide that mug and forehead, BOOT.
"Plasma's old haggard drag we've come to know and hate"


Not a challenge that required her to look like she left the house in 2020 actually sending her home. The phloodoo. I almost felt sorry for ha because her trousers were kinda cute and she's clearly talented but... that's chocolate! I simply didn't enjoy Q's look in an unbiased way. Maybe it was how she only painted her head white like why is that golf ball wearing ripped fishnets. I also had to laugh at her saying she should have won the first design challenge. In the bald universe maybe but certainly not this one!

Mhiya doing a full floor routine in a PVC gown was dystopian. I love her
Sad to see Plasma go but like someone said earlier, it's frustrating when it's lip sync vs track record flip flop producing which is where vs the world / all stars rules works well.

Q is ten times more annoying and insufferable than anyone this season.
Plasma's "I let you bitches have it" face during the runway was honestly my favorite moment of her. I loved that Rupaul also clocked it during the deliberations.
That was a great episode, but I'm not sure I buy the Q win. Like... top? OK. Win? With Nymphia standing next to her looking like that?

I hate Michelle Visage.

But anyway, Plasma is gone and now we're left with a kinda lit cast? Morphine is slowly spiralling, Plane is congenialing, Dawn and her goblin energy are fun, Q is probably about to combust if her onlince presence is anything to go by, Sapphira being mother, Nymphia being MOTHER and the queen of flips flipping and stanning Sasha Velour? I'd tip her.