RuPaul's Drag Race

Personally, I’d have given Nymphia the win as I think she fit the brief more with what she produced. I gasped when she came out. Sapphira’s effort was also fantastic.

I’m over Mhi’ya, to be honest. That lip sync was incredible, and she comes across as a lovely person, but she’s bringing very little else to the competition.

I didn’t mind Plasma as a contestant. She was a bit much at times, but I liked her. She was going to go home if she faced Morphine or Mhi’ya, but I actually thought her lip sync was ok. Absolutely outclassed, but ok.
Just caught up with this one and I'm sorry, but Nymphia demolished. That look (and that FACE) was incredible.

Q's coat was undeniably beautiful and well executed but it didn't meet the challenge like Ms Wind's did. Nymphia and Dawn were the obvious top 2 for me. I did scream at Sapphira's runway character though.

I absolutely loved this episode though. It felt like we got to see so much more fun in the workroom. Some of the banter was genuinely hilarious.

Plasma though. Ooft. There was not one single thing about that runway or the lipsync that was not absolutely fucking awful.
Echo most of the thoughts here.

Additionally, I think this was actually an important episode for Sapphira - we’re seeing a more developed character and it’s starting to hit the necessary beats you would expect of a potential winner. She’s definitely not lacking in personality, but because she’s clearly mature and grounded, in an age where many Drag Race contestants are essentially caricatures with pre-planned bits and phrases etc, I think the show has struggled to make her pop. It’s nice to see her begin to emerge again after such a punchy beginning.