RuPaul's Drag Race

Kasha really did just go: 'Here's an old Brunching outfit. I'll cut two holes out the backside and call it a day'. I didn't mind Naysha's tuxedo-style look.

At least Darienne got some nice comments before she went.
I cannot believe Kandy Muse managed to stumble her way into the top this episode doing the same shout-acting she always does while also having the absolute worst instincts of all the contestants. "No, we can't do a spoof, it has to be original material"...have you seen this show? Half of the challenges are parody based.

Although to be fair, she might not have realized. Spoofs are supposed to be funny.

Heidi, on the other hand, really is the gift that keeps on giving.
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He / Him / His
I get the rationale for judging this in teams since they conceptualised the plots together, and I do agree that Jimbo, Kandy and Jessica’s team was the best overall package, but Heidi absolutely stole the show this week.

I approach any challenge of this ilk with a complete sense of dread these days but she genuinely had me hollering every time she opened her mouth and it’s not like we haven’t seen them reward one individual in an otherwise awful group (e.g. Ginger during the All Stars 6 panel)
We need Alexis Michelle in a cast with more confrontational people because she should've gotten skewered for throwing Darienne under the bus like that ljfhgdjkbnndsfl. I love my producer.

I thought Kandy's runway was a toot until she turned around. The illusion doesn't work when I can see your actual ass!!!!! Especially when Jimbo came out with a properly executed version a minute later. I think Kandy has some interesting ideas when it comes to her fashion, but the execution always makes her look nuts. I also need Lala to stop the nude illusions because WHAT was going on there?

There's definitely some weird energy this season. I'm still having fun, but it's all a little All Stars 5. I'm team Jessica, Jimbo, & Heidi.