RuPaul's Drag Race

Alexis is the girl I knew she was.

Jimbo’s performance in the girl group challenge was…fine? I thought the dancing she gave in that was decent but it seems if it’s something to make up on the spot he can’t do it. That lip sync with Shannel was just boring.

I thought the episode was good, actually. I thought the skits by Heidi and Jimbo’s groups were good, the one by Darienne’s was bad. Jimbo was the stand out from all of those groups, in my opinion. I also loved Alexis throwing Darienne under the bus for coming up with the concept when it was completely unprompted. If it had been judged not in groups then Kahanna would’ve been in the bottom, and I’d have shoved Jaymes in with her. Darienne was a solid safe to me.


This season is a bit shit but also fairly enjoyable? It’s the first one I’m keeping up with live in years
I’m enjoying it too with a number of the queens being watchable and entertaining. However, I think it is missing the elements that normally makes All Stars good viewing, namely, the queens that have had a glow up, the ones who do considerably better in All Stars than in their original season and the front runners not always being as obvious to start with (I know this isn’t always the case). It’s got a whiff of predictability about it, but I’m still enjoying it.
The problem with this show is that the creativity is not rewarded. Yes I agree the execution really wasn’t there on group one but it was a great idea, instead they rewarded… the skit that was the most similar to what they would have written for the girls if it was scripted.

Also Darienne at Roscoes made the fair point it was supposed to be about creating a trailer for a new sitcom. So they deliberately used a concept that could run endlessly and film it as a cliffhanger ending. Which you're right is clever and was totally ignored.