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RuPaul's Drag Rate: (Game On Bitch) The Sequel! WINNER ANNOUNCED

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Holly Something, Aug 14, 2018.


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  2. Michelle Visage

  3. Santino Rice

  4. Merle Ginsberg

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  7. Todrick Hall

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  1. [​IMG]

    Okay, so I have (perhaps foolishly) agreed to host a sequel to the RuPaul's Drag Rate which was completed flawlessly a couple of years ago by @Pinkie. I believe that only seasons 1-8 plus All Stars 1 had aired at that point so we've had Seasons 9 and 10 plus 2 All Star seasons since then to change opinions, some for better and some for worse.

    As you know the rules are pretty simple, you give each queen a score between 0 and 10, and one special queen can be awarded your 11. I will accept decimal points but no more than past 2 digits. For example a 6.25 is acceptable, a 7.48272629 is not.

    A couple of points before we begin:
    • Commentary is encouraged, read these queens to filth if you want to as the library is open. You don't have to give commentary for every queen but I would appreciate it if you did for AT LEAST your 11, and maybe any really high or low scores.
    • If Jasmine Masters places NINETY FUCKING THIRD again then I am deleting my account and taking the scores with me. A 'Lisa Scott-Lee threatening to quit music if her single misses the top 10' tea.
    • Troll ballots will not be accepted (neither will ballots that don't award 10's to Akashia and Rebecca Glasscock, kii).
    • Vote for your favourite judge at the top of the page.
    Closing date for votes is SEPTEMBER 24TH.


    Season 1

    BeBe Zahara Benet*
    Nina Flowers*
    Rebecca Glasscock
    Tammie Brown*
    Victoria "Porkchop" Parker

    Season 2

    Tyra Sanchez
    Pandora Boxx*
    Jessica Wild
    Sahara Davenport
    Morgan McMichaels*
    Mystique Summers Madison
    Nicole Paige Brooks

    Season 3

    Manila Luzon*
    Alexis Mateo*
    Yara Sofia*
    Carmen Carrera
    Shangela Laquifa Wadley*
    Delta Work
    Stacy Layne Matthews
    India Ferrah
    Mimi Imfurst*
    Venus D-Lite

    Season 4

    Sharon Needles
    Chad Michaels*

    Phi Phi O'Hara*
    Latrice Royale*
    Kenya Michaels
    Dida Ritz
    Jiggly Caliente
    Madame LaQueer
    The Princess
    Lashauwn Beyond
    Alisa Summers

    Season 5

    Jinkx Monsoon

    Roxxxy Andrews*
    Coco Montrese*
    Alyssa Edwards*
    Ivy Winters
    Jade Jolie
    Lineysha Sparx
    Honey Mahogany
    Vivienne Pinay
    Monica Beverly Hillz
    Serena ChaCha
    Penny Tration

    Season 6

    Bianca Del Rio
    Adore Delano*
    Courtney Act
    Darienne Lake
    Joslyn Fox
    Trinity K. Bonet
    Laganja Estranja
    Gia Gunn
    April Carrión
    Magnolia Crawford
    Kelly Mantle

    Season 7

    Violet Chachki
    Ginger Minj*
    Kennedy Davenport*
    Trixie Mattel*
    Miss Fame
    Jaidynn Diore Fierce
    Kandy Ho
    Mrs. Kasha Davis
    Jasmine Masters
    Sasha Belle
    Tempest DuJour

    Season 8

    Bob the Drag Queen
    Kim Chi
    Naomi Smalls
    Chi Chi DeVayne*
    Derrick Barry
    Thorgy Thor*
    Robbie Turner
    Acid Betty
    Naysha Lopez
    Cynthia Lee Fontaine
    Dax ExclamationPoint
    Laila McQueen

    Season 9

    Sasha Velour
    Shea Couleé
    Trinity Taylor
    Alexis Michelle
    Nina Bo'Nina Brown
    Farrah Moan
    Charlie Hides
    Kimora Blac
    Jaymes Mansfield

    Season 10

    Eureka O'Hara
    Kameron Michaels
    Asia O'Hara
    Miz Cracker
    Monét X Change
    The Vixen
    Monique Heart
    Blair St. Clair
    Mayhem Miller
    Dusty Ray Bottoms
    Yuhua Hamasaki
    Kalorie Karbdashian Williams
    Vanessa Vanjie Mateo

    Winners are in bold
    All star contestants have a * next to their name

    Lastly, don't expect decent graphics for any elimination because I'm not that kind of girl (I'll never be glamour).

    Good luck, and don't. fuck. it. up.​
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    126. Alisa Summers (S4) 1.236428571
    125. Penny Tration (S5) 1.522857143
    124. Magnolia Crawford (S6) 1.697142857
    123. Phoenix (S3) 1.817142857
    122. Dax Exclamationpoint (S8) 1.887857143
    121. Venus D'Lite (S3) 1.997857143[/SPOILER]
    120. Sasha Belle (S7) 2.049285714
    119. Kalorie Karbdashian Williams (S10) 2.344285714
    118. Serena Cha Cha (S5) 2.422142857
    117. Vivienne Pinay (S5) 2.476428571
    116. Eureka O'Hara (S9/S10) 2.518571429
    115. Charlie Hides (S9) 2.659285714
    114. Madame LaQueer (S4) 2.683571429
    113. Robbie Turner (S8) 2.912142857
    112. Kimora Blac (S9) 3.098571429
    111. Delta Work (S3) 3.144285714[/SPOILER]
    110. Naysha Lopez (S8) 3.194285714
    109. India Ferrah (S3) 3.232142857
    108. Kenya Michaels (S4) 3.261428571
    107. The Princess (S4) 3.330714286
    106. Cynthia Lee Fontaine (S8/S9) 3.352142857
    105. Laila McQueen (S8) 3.357857143
    104. Monica Beverly Hillz (S5) 3.380714286
    103. Tempest DuJour (S7) 3.465714286
    102. Honey Mahogany (S5) 3.498571429
    101. Lashauwn Beyond (S4) 3.652142857[/SPOILER]​

    100. Derrick Barry (S8) 3.656428571
    99. Kelly Mantle (S6) 3.686428571
    98. Milan (S4) 3.698571429
    97. Sonique (S2) 3.753571429
    96. Nicole Paige Brooks (S2) 3.777142857
    95. Rebecca Glasscock (S1) 3.781428571
    94. Mimi Imfurst (S3/AS1) 3.835714286
    93. Carmen Carrera (S3) 4.038571429
    92. Mystique Summers Madison (S2) 4.047142857
    91. Jaymes Mansfield (S9) 4.135714286[/SPOILER]
    90. Kandy Ho (S7) 4.140714286
    89. Jade Sotomayor (S1) 4.197142857
    88. Victoria "Porkchop" Parker (S1) 4.240714286
    87. Alexis Michelle (S9) 4.380714286
    86. Kameron Michaels (S10) 4.556428571
    85. Akashia (S1) 4.701428571
    84. Dusty Ray Bottoms (S10) 4.713571429
    83. Pandora Boxx (S2/AS1) 4.742142857
    82. Yuhua Hamasaki (S10) 4.748571429
    81. Milk (S6/AS3) 4.749285714[/SPOILER]
    80. Jade Jolie (S5) 4.879285714
    79. Morgan McMichaels (S2/AS3) 5.156428571
    78. Acid Betty (S8) 5.231428571
    77. Jaidynn Diore Fierce (S7) 5.287142857
    76. Thorgy Thor (S8/AS3) 5.318571429

    75. Mayhem Miller (S10) 5.337857143
    74. Sahara Davenport (S2) 5.363571429
    73. Ivy Winters (S5) 5.636428571
    72. April Carrion (S6) 5.662857143
    71. Lineysha Sparx (S5) 5.666428571[/SPOILER]
    70. Mrs. Kasha Davis (S7) 5.681428571
    69. Max (S7) 5.957857143
    68. Dida Ritz (S4) 6.101428571
    67. Vivacious (S6) 6.155714286
    66. Shannel (S1/AS1) 6.172857143
    65. Sasha Velour (S9) 6.276428571
    64. Jiggly Caliente (S4) 6.312142857
    63. Detox (S5/AS2) 6.405714286
    62. Vanessa Vanjie Mateo (S10) 6.502857143
    61. Tyra Sanchez (S2) 6.563571429[/SPOILER]
    60. Blair St. Clair (S10) 6.576428571
    59. Darienne Lake (S6) 6.657142857
    58. Phi Phi O'Hara (S4/AS2) 6.701428571
    57. Farrah Moan (S9/AS4) 6.755
    56. Jessica Wild (S2) 6.756428571
    55. Peppermint (S9) 6.824285714
    54. Joslyn Fox (S6) 6.838571429
    53. Miss Fame (S7) 6.948571429
    52. Ginger Minj (S7/AS2) 6.971428571
    51. Chad Michaels (S4/AS1) 7.049285714​

    50. Alexis Mateo (S3/AS1) 7.058571429
    49. Pearl (S7) 7.097857143
    48. Laganja Estranja (S6) 7.111428571
    47. Trixie Mattel (S7/AS3) 7.197142857
    46. Gia Gunn (S6/AS4) 7.215714286
    45. Naomi Smalls (S8/AS4) 7.269285714
    44. Trinity K. Bonet (S6) 7.292142857
    43. Mariah (S3) 7.302142857
    42. Coco Montrese (S5/AS2) 7.316428571
    41. Roxxxy Andrews (S5/AS2) 7.461428571[/SPOILER]
    40. Stacy Layne Matthews (S3) 7.480714286
    39. Ongina (S1) 7.509285714
    38. Adore Delano (S6/AS2) 7.553571429
    37. Yara Sofia (S3/AS1) 7.563571429
    36. The Vixen (S10) 7.691428571
    35. Bebe Zahara Benet (S1/AS3) 7.732857143
    34. Jasmine Masters (S7/AS4) 7.858571429
    33. Willam (S4) 7.929285714
    32. Raven (S2/AS1) 7.979285714
    31. Monét X Change (S10/AS4) 7.972857143[/SPOILER]
    30. Miz Cracker (S10) 7.974285714
    29. BenDeLaCreme (S6/AS3) 8.062857143
    28. Chi Chi Devayne (S8/AS3) 8.066428571
    27. Nina Flowers (S1/AS1) 8.140714286
    26. Kennedy Davenport (S7/AS3) 8.145

    25. Kim Chi (S8) 8.216428571
    24. Aja (S9/AS3) 8.465714286
    23. Shea Couleé (S9) 8.465714286
    22. Tammie Brown (S1/AS1) 8.487857143
    21. Sharon Needles (S4) 8.518571429[/SPOILER]
    20. Nina Bonina Brown (S9) 8.544285714
    19. Valentina (S9/AS4) 8.611428571
    18. Bob The Drag Queen (S8) 8.612142857
    17. Tatianna (S2/AS2) 8.635714286
    16. Raja (S3) 8.672142857
    15. Bianca Del Rio (S6) 8.703571429
    14. Manila Luzon (S3/AS1/AS4) 8.732857143
    13. Trinity The Tuck (S9/AS4) 8.733571429
    12. Asia O'Hara (S10) 8.735
    11. Latrice Royale (S4/AS1/AS4) 8.814285714
    10. Jujubee (S2/AS1) 8.836428571
    9. Monique Heart (S10/AS4) 8.942857143
    8. Jinkx Monsoon (S5) 9.067857143
    7. Courtney Act (S6) 9.157142857
    6. Violet Chachki (S7) 9.221428571
    5. Alaska (S5/AS2) 9.252142857
    4. Aquaria (S10) 9.404285714
    3. Katya (S7/AS2) 9.481428571

    *RUNNER UP* 2. Alyssa Edwards (S5/AS2) 9.632142857 *RUNNER UP*

    1. Shangela Laquifa Wadley (S2/S3/AS3) 9.871428571
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  3. To 11 my original Tatianna, right a wrong and 11 Shangela, or support the underdog, sure to place low despite a fairly flawless run Tyra with my 11 - decisions, decisions, decisions...
  4. Jaymes for the win.
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  5. I have literally zero recollection of these two queens. I think I'm going to rewatch the first couple of episodes of each season to remind myself what the early outs actually did during their time on the show. I could probably just throw a 2 at most of them and it'd be accurate, mind.
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  6. Me bopping to S*sha crashing out in the bottom ten

  7. [​IMG]
    Well, actually my first round for me personally. And I'm a rate virgin too at that. @HollyDunnSomething Do I just PM you that list of queens (in that order) with my scores and comments behind each name when I've completed it? Or do I have to format it in Numbers, Excel or whatever and send it through a different channel? Either way, thank you for doing this! You are amazing!
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  8. LaShawn Beyond carried the whole world on her head in the RuPocolypse and I want to say Alisa Summers had that one good runway with the umbrella?
  9. For the record, I gave Serena Cha Cha an 8.7 last time and fully plan on giving her the high score she deserves again this time round.

    Not a troll, just a fact. And we all know...

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  10. [​IMG]
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  11. Go for option 1. You just send me the list of queens with your score and any commentary next to their name. Let me know if you need any more information and I'll be happy to help.

    Alisa Summers literally had 1 runway, I wouldn't call it good...
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  13. I'm sorry but how do you not know this scene?

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  14. Bitch, this is the SHEQUELLLLLL.

    I've never felt more..............DEAD??
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