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RuPaul's Drag Rate: (Game On Bitch) The Sequel! WINNER ANNOUNCED

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Holly Something, Aug 14, 2018.


Favourite Judge?

  1. RuPaul

  2. Michelle Visage

  3. Santino Rice

  4. Merle Ginsberg

  5. Ross Matthews

  6. Carson Kressley

  7. Todrick Hall

Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Every forum deserves a bully like me. x
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  2. Bully like me,
    Like a bully like me,
    B-B-B-Bully like me,
    Like a bully like me.
  3. So in the great spirit of the constant show. When is the next rate?

    I'm joking!

    Or am I?
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  4. After Season 12 but someone else can do it!
  5. Only because it would be against the rules to rate yourself, our Season 12 crowned queen!
  6. Imagine if we have two seasons of Drag Race UK to throw into the ring as well..
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  7. So in two months then
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  8. I feel sad that this is all over.
  9. And Thailand.
  10. Me too.

    And I'm sadder still at being called a bully.
  11. Oh come on I was joking! You know I luv ya! <3
    Also I'm Italian (seems like a good excuse nowadays)
  12. HollyBully.jpg
    Love you.
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  13. I mean that doesn't make me feel any better but cool.

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  14. That's my brand! See u in court sweetie.
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  15. Do you want to be my Valentine for today?

  16. Hey girls, fresh from my Drag Race Sequel triumph I am hosting a discography rate for UK Girl Group Mis-Teeq. If you've missed me come along and vote in this!
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  17. Anything less than a video of Su Elise revealing the winning song will be a disappointment.
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  18. I'll contact her people immediately.
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