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RuPaul's Drag Rate: YOUR WINNER!

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Pinkie, May 30, 2016.

  1. Don't think I ignored this...

    Turns out the Season 6 top 3 is the same!

    24 - Trinity K. Bonet - 7.569


    Highest - 10 (vikeyeol, enjoy, Pecans, Uno, dodoriazarbon)
    Lowest - 3 (One Stop Candy Shop)

    Season 6 Placement: 7th
    Rate Placement: 4th

    “Trinity K. Bonet, despite managing to break through and gain confidence on the show, three things led to your demise: Chaz. Fucking. Bono. Now, sashay away”

    Early on in the show, Trinity was very frustrating to watch. Constantly complaining and underperforming, I wouldn’t have been surprised if she left very early on in a huff. But then the I’m Every Woman lip-sync happened. Even with all the incredible lip-syncs that we’ve seen on the show, it’s hands down my favourite. The fan, the dress swishes, the strut, the money note… she hit every damn beat and it was a masterclass. Seeing her in her element gave me some hope she’d get her shit together and start slaying, and sure enough the one-two punch of the cosmetics and stand-up made her look like a contender. But then she bombed the talk show (even without the Chad/Chaz thing she was pretty terrible), and even with her second wind she was out of chances. Maybe an All-Stars could benefit her, but I don’t think she’s keen on the process as a whole, so we may not see her on our screens for a long time.

    The lip-syncs got a lot of praise! munro said “nobody can deliver a lipsync like Trinity. Her animal look will forever be etched in my brain, her elimination was a joke”, Mikl C thought “Her lip-syncs are seriously mindblowing. I also liked her personality and growth”, and Uno lived for “THOSE LIP-SYNCS. Killed every single one of them, and she even demolished Adore in her final lip-sync (sorry, not sorry) and would've made it further had that not been her 3rd one of the season.”

    mattyjayy thought Trinity was “possibly the show’s best lip-syncer, she was a performer and a looks queen through and through. I think she deserved at least top 4. Absolutely gorgeous, and her reunion look was stunning.” POPGASM exclaimed “whatta lip-sync!”, and Jwentz said “to his day I will defend her rap performance, I thought her flow was solid if a little understated! One of the best lip-syncers this show will ever see.”

    Solenciennes said “Trinity’s highs were so fulfilling to watch because there’s something really inherently likeable about her, even when she was sulking and self-sabotaging and I found myself rooting for her and was sad to see her go. The Vibeology lip sync remains iconic. All of Trinity’s lip syncs were brilliant, she’s definitely one of the best lip sync artists we saw. I love how much she’s grown since the show, her Hey Qween interview was a great watch even if she was getting a little self-indulgent and talked a little too much.”

    Karvel admitted she’s “a queen I hated (she almost was Tyra Sanchez 2.0), but ended up loving, one of the best lip-synchers of the show, with an amazing skills for fashion, plus when she stopped having that pissy attitude she was quite likeable” Mikey1701 pointed out “the stand up challenge. Enough said.”

    evilsin reaction to her #24 placement? “That's... unfortunate.” Plethorya thought “she deserved to be safe for the bird look alone”, but GhettoPrincess thinks she’s a “lip-sync and look queen but not much else.” Pecans said “seeing Trinity grow through out the season felt so rewarding, because you could see how much she improved. I feel like she should be in All Stars 2.”

    Rommers thought “Trinity talking about her experience with HIV was really great, and her growth narrative was pretty convincing and sweet.” And finally ohnostalgia said she’s “my first struggle queen. Love love love ha.”
  2. And so it's the ABC once again: Adore, Bianca and Courtney


    Will things shake down the same way again? Could we even be seeing that lost double crowning?
  3. To be fair, they were comfortably the best three of the season after Ben gave up.
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  4. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

    Feels about the right time for Trinity to go - brilliant lip sync artist and some of her looks were phenomenal, I think if she participated now she'd be a sure fire finalist.
  5. Yep, sometimes the best are actually the best.
  6. Trinity was a master of lipsyncs, one of the best from the show and vest overall as she was also able to change her moves to any style she was given. All three lipsyncs were different and all excellent. Other than that and some killer looks, she was a little hit or miss and even though I was shocked she was eliminated against Adore, there was more of a plotline to milk from Adore.

    Hoping we lose a season 8 girl next so things are close to even..
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  7. These write-ups are getting trickier cos I can't be so mean anymore.
  8. I'm a huge Trinity fan, her elimination was one of the few times I thought the judges did what made sense for the show. She could never really have won the show but she had to leave before the makeover challenge, Ball challenge and music video because she could easily have owned all three.
    Such a creative force and world class lip-syncer, but completely dry of the star quality the top three were drowning in.
  9. Should have been my 11, in retrospect. I adore her like no other queen. There has never been a lipsync artist like her on the show. If only because of her versatility. I watch Whatta Man on the regular.
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  10. You aren't getting another top 3 reveal today I'm afraid

    23 - Courtney Act - 7.653


    Highest - 11 (Only Human) 10 (enjoy, Pecans, BEST FICTION, evilsin, ohnostalgia, POPGASM)
    Lowest - 4 (Uno)

    Season 6 Placement: 2nd
    Rate Placement: 3rd

    “Courtney Act, you may be the thunder from down under, but sadly you couldn’t crack this top 20. Now, sashay away”

    Courtney is absolute perfection. Feminine body and face, combined with exquisite looks and the ability to face any challenge thrown her way, it’s no wonder she stormed into the top 3 of Season 6. But despite that, she felt like the unofficial bronze medallist. Why? Well, her lack of struggle sadly meant we never saw her really fight for a place in the competition. She was good in the challenges, but never brilliant. On the runway, she served maybe two unconventional looks, both of which were amazing, and outside of that it was great but underwhelming gowns. And personality-wise, she could be a bit robotic at times, especially compared to Adore and Bianca. That’s not to diminish her achievements in any way of course, but if some of our previous competitors were good, but not great, Courtney is great, but not amazing, not on the show anyway.

    Pecans “almost gave Courtney my 11... Courtney is an excellent role model and a pillar of the LGBT community in Australia. She gives the LGBT community so much and to such a high quality. Her EP, Kaleidoscope, was so brilliant. Courtney is one of the few queens who I am interested to follow on social media, etc.” (If you did give her your 11 she’s have made #22)

    munro called her “Queen of Australia. Queen of high notes. Very well put together. Her angel look is phenomenal” before giving her a 5. Karvel found her “visually astounding, a bit boring, but quite consistent (never impressive though)”, and Mikl C racks their head for a compliment: “Great gowns, beautiful gowns. Fish”

    Uno admits “this score is probably way too low, but I don't follow her outside of the show, and she was really shit on the show, let's be real. Everyone will say she had great looks but her bird wings outfit was incredibly uninspiring and just wings on top of lingerie…” Mikey1701’s lip quivers as they say “she’s beautiful….. but that’s it. Bland”, Rommers let out an “eh”, and SloMover said she’s “beautiful but wasn't exciting for me at all.”

    Solenciennes thought “Courtney is a fully realised, polished character who was destined to be in the final and would probably have scooped up the win had it not been for Bianca – but I think that was good for Courtney’s ego to take that little dent because she was in danger of being out of control at times, particularly when she was attacking Joslyn for being a second rate version of herself. How fucking arrogant? She felt threatened and I’m not sure what it was about Joslyn that set her on edge so much, but it was an ugly sight. Her personality was a real turn off for me at times but she was objectively one of the most talented queens in a season full of them.”

    mattyjayy declared her “the fishiest queen to hit the runway. Also one of the most boring. She excelled in everything but never stood out. It’s not surprising she won the talk show challenge by being the most unremarkable interview of the lot.” Plethorya may have given her a 6, “but let’s be clear- RuSical? She. Did. That”, while GhettoPrincess said she’s “fishy, horrible singing voice and probably the drag queen that actually gets confused as a woman the most”

    How did POPGASM wake up today? “***Flawlessohnostalgia has something to say: “After watching the other seasons, I'd like to apologise to Courtney for sometimes thinking she rested on pretty.” Jwentz thought she’s “more fishy than I like my drag queens, but she worked to improve every week and when she was told she rested on pretty she came back with my favourite runway look ever.“


  11. Can I just say, I'm loving @Solenciennes in-depth commentary on everyone. I was struggling to come up with decent commentary after about thirty queens, but Solenciennes is coming up with good, lengthy analysis for practically everyone. Cheers to that!
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  12. RJF


    Courtney was just very... classically proficient. Outside of being from Australia, she just couldn't give the producers much to work with. Already technically successful, and had been doing drag for long enough for any juicy narrative-worthy insecurities/finding-herself storylines to be impossible. She was just very good, but being very good isn't always that endearing. Both her and Bianca went through the season very coolly.
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  13. I have said all I had to say about Courtney already. I will just add that I think this is a good placement for her.
  14. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

    Okay but how is Tatianna still here? I'm glad Courtney missed the top 20; there's no doubting the perfection but she was very arrogant and charmless with it and I think she needs to just take it down a notch, I don't think the competition flustered her at all but it did get to her, too focused on being the best version of herself to really notice that the other queens were showing more variety and personality that are ultimately more endearing to the fans than a rigid, finished product.

    @Plethorya I got really into it, haha. There's just so much to analyse, this was a brilliant rate idea - thanks @Pinkieshy!!
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  15. My face hurts from laughing. My queens.
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  16. [​IMG]
  17. "After a long night of hooking..."

    I adore Kennedy. She brought a sense of humour to her season. Unintentionally at times, but once again her Snatch Game was subversive genius. Pearl and Violet were so humourless and obsessed with fashion...and yet it's Kennedy's crystal chicken couture I think about when I ponder over Season 7! Kennedy is the TRUE fashion queen of that series!!!
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  18. Thank god for Bianca frankly, because Courtney / Adore / whichever one of Ben, Darienne or Trinity got over the line would have been the worst ever final 3 by some distance.
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  19. I think it's pretty clear that Courtney would've been third and Adore second.
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  20. Adore shouldn't have been Top Three in hindsight...
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