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RuPaul’s Frack Race Season 12 + All Stars 5

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Vasilios, Jan 23, 2020.

  1. Oof this Untucked is a terrible look on everyone other than Aiden and Heidi.
  2. There's no 'hate' for Jan she's just not particularly good.


    I feel like she's been wearing grey metallics for three months.


  3. This. I was sad for Nicky till she was unbearable in Untucked.
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  4. She seems like they were setting her up for the 'Big Girl' win
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  5. I mean, her kind of drag is like made for Drag Race. Most of the challenges require you to be funny, that's why queens like her succeed and queens like Nicky struggle. The only "fashion queens" that succeed in more recently seasons are the ones that can also be goofy, like Gigi for example. And it just so happens Sherry also has a great team of designers behind her. All of which should get all of their dued credit and the chance to work with better queens in the future.

    I'm really rooting for Jaida because the gorgeous black queens with the AMAZING drag always get the short end of the stick in the end, except for Tyra fucking Sanchez. And thats just not right!
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  6. BTG


    Jackie is one of my least favourite queens of all time ddddd.
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  7. Jackie's mum when she asked for dancing classes:

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  8. Jackie: h-
    Y'all: die
  9. She's Derrick Barry levels of bad but with a New York sense of self-aggrandizing.

  10. No that's Brita sis.
    Jackie is interesting as a person, sexy boy just completely garbage-y eyesore drag.
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  11. Maybe Jackie's mum made some points when she told her to stop singing/dancing and study hard instead.
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  12. Jan is the unsung hero of these runways. Her looks have been like... the most unique and interesting of the bunch?
  13. I think I audibly bleurgh-ed at most of this week's looks.
  14. I hate yellow, but Crystal was beautiful this week.
  15. Where are you guys watching Untucked?
  16. I had to download a torrent. Can't find it anywhere online.
  17. I'm here for the mess of the inevitable Brita v Aiden lip sync... I hope they physically fight each other.
  18. Her moment with Heidi was extremely touching tho? As much as a constructed, heavily filtered and edited TV show can be, it felt like a real, genuine and intimate moment between two close people who care for each other despite being put in a highly competitive environment. We've seen a lot of platitudes to ~sisterhood during the years, but this was maybe the most affecting display of friendship I've seen on the show? Not less cause it was left on its own to breathe and unravel under our eyes with no need for a forced narrative to come with it.

    Not bad for a queen who apparently showed "no personality".
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  19. These bitches are so... irrational. And watching Untucked it’s so painfully obvious how so many of them can’t see past the CHIIIILE, GIIIIRL of it all and listen to what’s being said, they’re just waiting for their turn to speak (or not even that).

    Widow being so thoroughly and extremely plucked she didn’t get the role she wanted and acting like it was a personal attack on her is just so ????? Suck it up, two people wanted the same role, one of them was not gonna get it. And then when she almost won with that role so what use was that?

    This is needlessly cruel and not funny.
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  20. Honest? It seemed like a 'let's give the cameras some cute moments of kindness ooh lala' calculated.
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