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RuPaul’s Frack Race Season 12 + All Stars 5

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Vasilios, Jan 23, 2020.

  1. I like yellow and Crystal's was my favourite look of the week. Especially with that purple blue lining.
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  2. Jackie:
    - I wanna dance! Les Mis! 'Open Toes' by Katharine McPhee!

    - K, Mrs Jones has her stool, go pick it up.
  3. It's... a joke?

    Also if not a joke: Pretty sure this has happened to all of us and we survived. I wanted to dance like Janet Jackson in Control but was sent to balkan folk dance troupe seminars instead because they were free. There are kids growing up without basic needs while their moms work three jobs, it's okay, he used that pent up drive and became a drag queen, he won in the end.
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  4. I can see that side of it, but Nicky specifically named Heidi in her Whatcha' Packin' as somebody who she made friends with, so I think there was a genuine connection there.
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  5. Okay. Maybe her attack on Aiden was a slip up. I like her anyway.
  6. I didn't like the attack on Aiden either but I guess she was just lashing out because she was in the Bottom and was swept up along with the majority.
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  7. I'm still reeling from Brita's 'you were ZLEEPING!!'.
  8. Spitta Filter’s slow demise is completely delicious to watch, at times it’s almost like performance art.

    The cackle we let out when she started screaming that she’d been serving looks the whole time. Look in a mirror, babe.
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  9. God I love Crystal & Heidi. They're my faves by far. Don't care for anyone else.
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  10. Do you guys think Normani knows who El DeBarge is.
  11. Scream
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  12. I fucking hate when Europeans who speak English perfectly perform their "ooh, I'm just a little clueless foreigner, ooh" act. Like, you're just from France, Nicky, you're not a dolphin that miraculously acquired the gift of human tongue because a witch cast the wrong spell on it. Bebe Zabebe Bebet, the OG winner, chairwoman of the West African Union and official spokesperson for flawlessness, is also a US-based French-speaking queen and you didn't hear her making excuses UNE FOIS on her seasons. The iconic Puertorican queens who don't get cast anymore for some inexcusable reason jumped the linguistic barrier with such grace, sass and fierceness that the moments of sheer joy and entertainment they gifted us will reverberate through our hearts eternally. Yara Sofia was unintelligible in any language and slayed her way to the Top 4. Jessica Wild gave us I LUB DAT DRINK!

    Also true: if you've been around French people, you know many of them are very insecure about their English skills, some for no reason and others because they should be. I will never forget when I first met my historical crush and official bane of my life: he kept mentioning his "moozer" and I couldn't understand for the life of me why moose? nooses? snoozers? had such a relevant place in his life. The bitch meant "mother".
  13. Heidi is just adorable. We love a dorky queen.
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  14. I agree BUT native English speakers love to marginalise anyone with a whiff of an accent or imperfect English and assume that people who aren't fluent in the coloniser language aren't intelligent.
  15. WOOF

    Brava! This is an interesting topic and I have something* to say:
    - As far as I know (feel free to correct me here...), Cameroon is officially a bilingual country so it's likely Bebe has been speaking English her whole life to some extent or another. Her proficiency is clearly better than Nicky's, so it's a questionable comparison.
    - I cannot stand the whole "I can't understand or relate to you and I am making that your problem" argument. Your comprehension of someone else's accent or turn of phrase is your limitation, not theirs. Especially for someone living in the US, UK or Australia etc where there are/we are all migrants with our own accents, habits and customs.... wisen the fuck up.
    - Anglophones love to make any manner of "well meaning" assumptions or offer suggestions to non-native speakers. Unless you have the experience of being having to speak another language to communicate basic needs or self-articulate (in Nicky's case) for a prolonged period of time SIT YOUR ASS DOWN AND SHUT THE HELL UP B*TCH!

    PS I'm in quarantine with three francophones at the moment - one of which has serious anxiety about speaking English. Damn you S12 for still being relevant.
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  16. I'm dead.
  17. Uno


    But we were never shown Nicky having any issue speaking or getting a point across. She clearly had no issue showing the girls in the work room how personable and fun she could be - while speaking English to them.

    Perhaps it was the editing, but as far as we saw, she blamed the language barrier as to why she couldn’t be as personable to the judges but had no issue doing it with the other girls? From the viewers perspective, it felt like she just used that as an excuse to get out of why she did so poorly in the improv challenges. They even gave her the opportunity to be funny in French and she still wasn’t good.

    Just say you’re bad at improv, sis.
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  18. "I'm Jan, I'm 26-"
    Oh, don't make me sing.

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  19. They literally showed it in the confessionals multiple times.
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  20. honestly


    I can't believe how her doing her little thing got the girls so pressed. I think I laughed at her parts during *inhales* Gay's Anatomy the most? Shitta and her blank stares at Carson as if she couldn't believe she was being directed when in fact she was doing the worst... *chef kiss*

    Hope those two have a lipsync at some point ññ
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