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RuPaul’s Frack Race Season 12 + All Stars 5

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Vasilios, Jan 23, 2020.


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    Lee editing in Publizity as Jan singing had me DEAD.
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  2. I know the scripted challenges are always horrific with few exceptions but that Gay's Anatomy was...incomprehensible.
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  3. I think there's a mix of both Aiden being kept to get the girls pressed and also the girls doing too much concerning here. I don't relish being Aiden at all during the season but yeah, at this point, she's enjoyable ironically and not at all on purpose and that's frustrating to see.

    Brita should actually be good if she's worried about someone else taking away her spot in safe.

    I continue to love Jan and her in Untucked serving reaction the whole time was killing me, although the poor thing is OBVIOUSLY gunning for Miss Congeniality as well and Heidi will sweep that effortlessly.
  4. I want to love Jan and then I remember that video of her screlting the first minute of Don't Start Now that continues to haunt me.
  5. I realized singing it the other day that I have the same kinda grating tone and laughed and thought, no wonder I didn't mind it.
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  6. Language is always going to be an issue when there are limited franchises and so girls travel across the world to participate in certain ones and many of these shows are done in countries that become global hubs for immigrants across the world.

    On the last season of Drag Race Thailand, there was an ongoing plot line about like 2/3rds the girls being native Thai and the other third being foreigners from America, Hong Kong, Singapore, etc. whose lingua franca was English and neither group could understand one another for much of the series. On the series, Thai girls had to lip sync to English songs despite not speaking it themselves, girls who didn't speak Thai had to lip sync to Thai songs, and often girls would have to work in paired challenges with queens who didn't speak the same language as them with only a production-provided translator to help.

    It obviously becomes part of some girls' stories on the original franchise when it's part of many experiences of their life, like with any of the Latinx queens whose native language isn't English who end up often speaking on the language barriers, but also the experiences of being a racialized minority in a society hostile to people like you and the intersections of language, ethnicity, identity, etc.

    I think people walk away a bit confused as videos showed Nicky largely fluent in English and that it was more like she was an expected early out by production and so they simply cast-typed her as just a funny French punchline. Which is shitty for her, obviously, but I think @Psycho was trying to say that this cast-typing and reducing queens to an accent punchline has been done way more egregiously and in a much more tone-deaf and harmful way to queens of color before her that Nicky being very fluent in English and moving to America from France just to be on the show but failing to be interesting enough to be more than "the French one" doesn't come off as a particularly grievous as far as the show's record goes.
  7. I somehow get her version of imagine stuck in my head regularly despite watching less than 90 seconds of it.
  8. Normani orating during the lip sync and living to Heidi was a m o m e n t.
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  9. It doesn’t stop there!

  10. Ugh Jan's singing is so try-hard. It sounds like every note is strained and wailing and half the time it just sounds like she's yelling. Like, she might actually be good if she got some vocal training. Instead she does this generic pop star wail and adding shit where it could just sound good if it was just clean notes... it just sounds grating.
    I can't believe she's actually doing a whole series of covers... Like who told her this was a great idea?

    Nicky Doll apparently did her look for this video too which is cute... but like... I don't know

    I just don't understand Jan. Am I supposed to find her singing appealing and be rooting for her because she's just such a good singer? I don't get it. Give me something else.
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  11. I felt like them bringing Dahlia back as a broccoli for the skit was them thinking that scene or skit from the World’s Worst would’ve/could’ve been meme-able and it fell flat.
  12. They should have brought back Rock not Dahlia. ugh.
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  13. I was looking at Aiden’s Instagram last night and strangely Brita comments all over it saying how much she loves her...
  14. I feel like they will bring back all of them at one point.
  15. Like, those 20 seconds where she was washing her hands sounded infinitely better than all her covers.
  16. BB701B71-8E23-4113-A822-AE5E62477695.jpeg
  17. So we either have a clash, apology and closure coming up. Or Brita is doing major damage control
  18. Also I wonder which queen will give them the "overcoming their inner saboteur" storyline for the Season. As I thought they were building Nicky for that, but I guess like Miss Fame that storyline was already assigned.
  19. LTG


    I don’t know how Ru can sit there judging the girls on their acting. Like I’ve suffered through an episode of AJ & the Queen.
  20. I quite like Jan but the hand washing technique on display here isn’t very good.
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