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RuPaul’s Frack Race Season 12 + All Stars 5

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Vasilios, Jan 23, 2020.

  1. I mean the real question is if they would replace Sh*rry in the finale for a complete 4, or would they just have one less person on the finale and go with 3? They do film multiple lipsyncs going into the final 4 so it would be possible to rig it around... but also, we might not even need a final 4 if the finale is going to be a zoom call "Ru is just going to pick someone" type of finale anyways.
  2. All I know is Pérez is finally useful for something - didn’t they start filming the final later because of his leak?
  3. Nn poor Ru’s fracking empire
  4. Sometime after the fact I believe, because sometimes beards and such magically appear.
    I actually liked when it was filmed in the queens hotel room RIGHT after the elimination so we could see their immediate reaction.
    But even more than that, I liked Michelle's Elimination Lunch livestream where she would have the eliminated queen on and fans could ask questions. (Except Mimi Imfurst cohosted that which was... a choice) I think they had to stop this though because queens were answering more openly than World of Wonder would like them to. I specifically remembering Honey Mahogany of season 5 talking about how her whole sentence was edited to make her sound like she was saying something she didn't say had the whole sentence been aired.
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  5. I was thinking about this and could it be that there was too much Sherry discussion in the latter episodes to edit around with it still making sense? Obviously the main show has hours of footage to work from, but if The Pit Stop has 10 mins of footage and a good chunk of it was about Sherry then they’d have to film new episodes. Just a theory!
  6. Speaking of editing around that person, I have an awful feeling that she won the reading challenge, and that's why we haven't seen it. We're down to seven girls and it feels like it should have happened by now I'm not accepting that shite from this week as a replacement.

    This season truly is cursed.
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  7. It usually happens in front of Snatch Game and there wasn't a mini challenge that episode. I feel like they should've just showed everyone's and skipped hers, but said "Sherry, you won" and called it a day so we could at least have SOMETHING. But maybe no one else was funny or maybe too many queens made jokes about Sherry so it just wasn't worth even airing.
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  8. I don't think they can rig ANYONE out of the top 5. It'll be like last year where only Brook or Vanjie could have left. I just feel like they'll do the final challenge, runway, what would you say to your young self etc. and then just cut to some kind of on screen announcement to say that the final 4 of x, x, x and x will move forward. On the assumption that you know who makes the top 5.
  9. Judging by the screentime probably the Broccoli.
  10. Instead of the winner getting $100,000 it will be crude oil which Ru can’t get rid of
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  12. Ru when the Zoom meeting keeps cutting in and out:
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  13. “Sorry Ru, you go”
  14. With all this talk about possible finale formats, I've thought for a while now that the obvious best thing to do would be to let the queens prepare their own lipsync mixes and choreo presentations. Like an All Stars talent show challenge meets a LSTFC. You can get months to prepare, all the help and technical razzmatazz you need, play to your strengths... So it would just be a celebration of all the queens at their best and a satisfying way to crown a winner.
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  15. Quick question was the whole shit show trying to sell some box the reading challenge?? GOD AWFUL.
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  16. Interesting to note that Season 6 (which also had the split premiere) also had a 5/2 scenario at top 7. Except the other way around, 2 from group 1 (Adore & Ben) and 5 from group 2 (Bianca, Courtney, Darienne, Joslyn & Trinity).
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  18. Yes ma’am!

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