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RuPaul’s Frack Race Season 12 + All Stars 5

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Vasilios, Jan 23, 2020.

  1. BTG


    Gigi definitely deserved a bottom two appearance. I mean, girl, you can’t try that robot schtick in every ad-lib challenge. It worked perfectly in Snatch Game, it had no business being there this week.
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  2. Yeah, I really thought Widow's performance was fine.
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  3. Bring back Nicky Doll as this season's token fashion queen tbh.

  4. Ha- they really scrambled to throw this together after the backlash, huh?
    And it's obvious they were never going to use it, even as they filmed it, because you can see camera men in the mirrors throughout the whole video.
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  5. 10 times more interesting that a lot of what they kept in.

    Nico is unbearable in it though so it would have fit in nicely with the rest of it
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  6. I love Shannel. Season 1 really is so good and a lot of it is down to her and Rebecca Glasscock wanting to kill each other.
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  7. Instead we was forced to watch 10 God awful minutes of them rolling around on toddler buggies for that mini challenge.
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  8. Even her Snatch Game is overrated as hell.
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  10. What backlash? Did Shannel say anything?
    Also there was a crewman standing in the background when Ru is talking to the girls for the first time too.
  11. When Shannel is talking to Jordan, you can see Nico in the background stretching in a tank top, then one second later he has a makeup gown on. Clearly they just threw this together at the last minute.
  12. After the episode aired it became clear the three queens didn't do the make-up for their 'celebrities', but Shannel did. I guess the backlash was because she wasn't mentioned in the actual episode (I take it she was credited though?).

    Also We're Here was cute - but not enough time with Bob's guy - and Dragnificent exists.
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  13. Laila McQueen and Mayhem did the makeup for Jordan and Jermaine, so they were both cut too.
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  14. Celebrity was a waste of time except for Jermaine and his girlfriend seeing his mother - a moment.
  15. Every now and then I remember the full-body cringe I felt when Ru offered Crystal a hug.
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  16. As far as I know Trixie, Bob and Monet did do some of the makeup, but the majority was done by Laila, Mayhem and Shanel.
  17. Shannel Delicious Miss Mandarin is beautiful and one of my all time favourite queens. The way she read Ru into a stuttering mess on the runway. I'd kill to have her destroy the gherls with a baton twirling talent piece on All Stars 6
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  18. Bebe's "Broken English" EP is actually really good

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  19. Today let's just celebrate Jaida hasn't been asked to show vulnerability.
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