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RuPaul’s Frack Race Season 12 + All Stars 5

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Vasilios, Jan 23, 2020.

  1. Uno


    Ru was in PEAK performance today!

    So sad Heidi left but she left on such a high. Can’t wait to see her All-Stars 6 glow up.
  2. Bob on my screen again. Wig.

    wait GAG Dustin Milligan.

    wait those puns nevermind bye.
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  4. When Jaida put her arms up to the first beat of the track and moved her thigh to the front of the dress I needed her to stomp in my face. Legend.
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  5. Tempest is back!
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  6. ddddd. She's right.

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  7. I'm going to watch later but my friend keeps gagging about Dustin. She's in love.
  8. Here we go.
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  9. Jaida’s purple runway... Gag.
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  10. Alex Newell looks like Silky nn.
  11. That was... a fantastic roast.
  12. Uno


    Dustin for All Stars 6, please.

    What a great episode!
  13. Yeah Dustin was my favorite this episode, Schitt's Creek bias aside. The look? Stunning. That shade of blue, bitch.

    I'm glad everyone got 20k instead of 10k for the triple win too.

    edit: oh, and Dustin quoting Monique not once but twice was iconic.
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  14. Gigi’s flight to hell ending in a predominately black city as the punchline of her joke, why am I not surprised?
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  15. They really wasted that double save on Jackie when they could’ve saved Heidi this week instead...

    Jackie going into the Top 5 with no wins and 2 lipsyncs. I get that Heidi would’ve been there with 4 lipsyncs but at least she has one win. Would’ve been more interesting to see her up there!
  16. Heidi had the warmest exit ever. Ru actually providing a proper send off to such a great lil' Queen. She wanted it so badly, but I'm honestly perched for an All Stars return. More screen-time for THE GAP please!

    EDIT: I'm watching Heidi's live between herself and Jan, and it's super cute. Both of them talking about how much fun they had. The energy and sisterhood is very refreshing.
  17. Not gonna lie, I got a little emotional watching Heidi go.
  18. As soon as Jaida did that slow and sultry strut to the back of the stage at the start of the lipsync, it was over for Heidi.
  19. I said the same thing at the watch party and no one seemed bothered (and by watch party I mean my house with roommate and next door neighbors)
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  20. This is... a reach, but werk.
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