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RuPaul’s Frack Race Season 12 + All Stars 5

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Vasilios, Jan 23, 2020.

  1. I don’t think it’s fair or nice to say that Jackie’s Drag is busted. It’s not at the same level as the other queens but come on.
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  2. I for one really enjoyed both Crystal and Jackie. Crystal's runway was a bit Mighty Boosh but it was fun, campy and very refreshing to see. There's room for improvement with all of them of course, but those two really stood out for me these last few episodes.

    Gigi was great to start with but feels like she has platoued to me, I get no excitement out of seeing her on the runway or in challenges. The concepts are great and the execution is consistent, but there's nothing there for me.
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  3. That bottom two was divine black excellence. Glad Heidi went out looking like a goddess.
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  4. Such a weird trajectory for Gigi this season. I really thought she was being lined up as the easiest winner ever with the Sherry drama, but now I don't see how it isn't a two horse race between Jaida and Crystal. And deservedly. To think when Crystal walked in in that disgusting clown costume I thought we were in for another milk, and yet she's been perfect the entire way. What a season.
  5. The photo of Jackie’s Deanna Troi Star Trek lewk was.... no gurl. WHERE WAS THE CAMEL TOE?!
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  6. Jackie's double save did her no favours, it's going to look like she took that final five spot from Heidi but had she gonelgone week she'd still be looked on favourably

    They need to try and let these seasons play out without too much interference
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  7. Damn. Heidi's exit had me in my feelings and I don't think any queen's exit has ever had me that teary.

    I know, most of y'all aren't feeling Jackie (yeah her drag aesthetic isn't great - F, her drag right?) but I find her entertaining and I think she has great stage presence.

    Gigi, just seems to recycle her robot schtick for every one of these challenges. It's getting tired (... 'bitch'). It made me chuckle when Ru and Whoopi didn't immediately eat up routine in rehearsal.

    I hate to say it, but I liked S****y's look. Glad Michelle called her out for being selfish though.

    I don't know what was happening during Jaida's sketch but she fully redeemed herself with that runway, it was something else. Whoa, Jaida!
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  8. Girl the autocorrect
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  9. I saw the fishnets drag and they it was ripped busted.
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  10. After watching her one woman show, I feel like Crystal does naturally what Cracker actively tries to do with humour; her immoveable joy and charm delivers stupid comedy immaculately; hammering her wigs for science, her Madonna reverb, and her Phenomenal Phil character seemed effortless in that they just felt like Crystal having a good time and doing what she would do without any thought.

    Outside of the Bossy Rossy episode, I don't recall Cracker's idea of stupid comedy ever really landing...
    I've never seen her perform live, so for all I know she could actually be hilarious. It'll be interesting to see if she left the overthinker back in Harlem.
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  11. I mean it is? She's great on the show, is fun, articulate and interesting, cute to watch, hot boy, just... busted drag. It's okay.
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  12. The charity I work for, HIV Scotland, have put together Live In Lockdown, a big extravanganza featuring 50+ drag, cabaret, comedy performers etc, including a lot of Ru Girls who've kindly given their time or performances. Divina, Cheryl, Baga, Vinegar, Ongina, Chad, Mystique (!) and the legend that is Morgan (who did loads for us!) are all featured throughout. It's a long ass night and it's literally... me hustling to broadcast it all but it should be a laugh (never done this before ell oh ell).

    It's to raise our profile and encourage some donations if you're able, but really just tuning in for a wee bit is support! It's gonna be..a ride.... some of the performances... well.. you can judge. But it's all in good spirits. You can find the stream live at HIV Scotland's twitter, facebook or Youtube from 9pm GMT. Ta. (oh it's on Twitch too, randomly)
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  13. I just pressed play and I’m not over the terrible choice for a double stay. Heidi did perhaps the worst make over challenge in the history of the show. It was genuinely tragic. And Jackie did not do it with that lipsync, it felt really off the mark. Should have been a double sashay, even though I love Heidi.
  14. Girl the time travel.
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  15. I didn't say it was funny sis, I said it's a reach to suggest Gigi was motivated to choose Detroit on the basis of race demographics.
  16. What about Detroit would compel someone to use it as a punchline?
  17. Crystal becoming the benchmark Gigi is challenged to clear. This season is ageing like wine

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  18. Detroit is often the brunt of a lot of jokes, no? Why that is, is obviously something to consider but I honestly doubt Gigi picked it because of race demographics.
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  19. Madonna is from Detroit so.
  20. BTG


    Sharon’s potato salad > Jackie’s parent skit.

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