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RuPaul’s Frack Race Season 12 + All Stars 5

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Vasilios, Jan 23, 2020.

  1. Pandora, Yuhua & Jackie's songs back to back just proves to me that New York queens don't deserve rights.
  2. Don't forget about Lisa Frankenstein...
  3. But then we wouldn’t have this bop

  4. I'm catching up on this season's Race Chaser, and Alaska and Willam's constant need to point out that Sherry is hilarious and talented really is a choice.
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  5. BTG


    Yet Another Dig is the best Ru girl song. It’s not even good by that standard, it’s fucking great in general.
  6. Yet Another Dig is fantastic. A close runner-up is The T.

  7. Let’s go ahead and complete the trinity

  8. Excuse me you forgot one

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  9. There was a time when this was the sole song I had on loop. A song.
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  10. Alaska’s albums always contain some legit greatness on them. Some of the girls just have IT. And others... just need something to perform to at clubs.
  11. [​IMG]
  12. Legendary looks sickening. Law Roach judged on ANTM and I found him entertaining. He's a great stylist too, to be honest. All those insane Celine Dion looks are his doing. And of course, mother Leiomy!!!
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  14. I think I'm all caught up on We're Here and it's actually really good? I watched them out of order and the first episode where the girl left her mom after coming out was heartbreaking

    Shangela and Bob are some of the best queens ever
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  15. I've said it before Dragnificent and We're Here are amazing.

    It's so good to see the other RuGirls doing well in their own shows. Alexis & Eureka are almost tolerable but the stars of both of the shows are clearly Jujubee, Bebe, Shangela & Bob. The amount of CHARISMA, UNIQUENESS, NERVE AND TALENT all four them are serving, YASSS.
  16. The best RuGirl song is obviously all three of these mashed-up together:

    Every single one is a bawwwpppp.
  17. I'm surprised no one mentioned this...

    Or this....

  18. Is Dailymotion the only place to stream seasons 7-10 in the US without buying them on Amazon. I find it strange that even WoW+ doesn’t host the episodes, I really miss that RuView site that had everything.
  19. Don’t. If you say New York three times Brita appears regardless if you want her to or not.
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