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RuPaul’s Frack Race Season 12 + All Stars 5

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Vasilios, Jan 23, 2020.

  1. I really hope this season makes them think again about the deluge of New York queens on the show. We've had 13 in the last three seasons alone, and yet only two have made the finale, and only four have even won a challenge. Other than a thirty second scene between Cracker and Aquaria, local rivalry hasn't even been good storyline fodder since season 8.

    I mean, we have had three Missouri queens, and each iconic in their own way. Honestly, all the recent iconic queens have been from Middle America, and the show needs to realise that.
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  2. Hey guys

    did you know that


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  3. It would be great for the outer world to realize were not all boring in the midwest.
  4. It's because they're convinced that LA and New York queens are IT! I think Drag Race UK got a good mix considering the size of the UK. Glaring omissions from Scotland and Wales obvs, hopefully they fix that in Season 2.
  5. This reunion opening musical number... Already a trainwreck.
  7. What the fuck is going on
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  8. Uno


    Ru literally has no idea how to do drag himself anymore, does he?
  9. Aiden's wigs! fffff
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  10. Honestly loving this!
  11. This is the gaggiest reunion. Everybody is really gunning for that fullscreen skype moment and I love it
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  12. Aiden really called Brita all the way out. Good for her.
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  13. Brita's continous crack. Crack of the season.
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  14. Wait did Heidi really go for a bathroom break? I. AM. SCREAMING.
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  15. Lowkey disappointed they are not addressing Sherry (not even what she did but how the queens have handled it) as not only could show how the girls have moved above it, and also make this rather boring reunion better.
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  16. Widow is iconic in this reunion and I will drag the producers if they don’t bring her back for All Stars
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  17. The fact they haven’t addressed the Sherry issue is goddamn bullshit and that’s the truth.

    They literally couldn’t even do the bare minimum....
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  18. I wonder if the hush hush regarding Sherry is for legal reasons?
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  19. I mean this is Ru...brushing something under the rug is pretty much his current default.
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  20. That went better then expected, well done production team.
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