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RuPaul’s Frack Race Season 12 + All Stars 5

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Vasilios, Jan 23, 2020.

  1. The way Jaida oozed charisma the entire time while Gigi and Crystal brought even less to the reunion than Aiden Zane. Crown her now, Ru.
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  2. It actually made me think the finale might not be a complete disaster after all.
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  3. "I love beef jerky". HEIDI!
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  4. Jackie bringing up Folsom made me scream.
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  5. Rock: "I've gotten so much love from people around the world"

    Yes gurl we've seen the videos.
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  6. Jaida is the only viable winner of the Top Three at this point. All that charisma she served! The others couldn't cope.
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  7. Heidi looks... oh my god, a stunner.
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  8. I'm shocked by the amount of great moments in the reunion - it shows how charismatic all the cast was, even if some queens were not that great at drag.
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  9. I thought the episode was great. Not RuPaul’s fracking money being able to buy a decent videoconferencing system.

    The reference to Rock at Folsom I....
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  10. Okay, this episode is fantastic. Such a fabulous cast.
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  11. Videos?
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  12. Yeah, this was quite nice as the reunion episodes go and considering the limitations they had. Ru was never in drag in this episodes, but was the luchador mask necessary. Gigi's "Glad you got the memo" regarding Ru's supposed sleepover outfit killed me.
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  13. I would imagine it's a combination of Ru not being able to paint himself very well, and he's probably due a touch up on his Botox but can't get it right now for obvious reasons.
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  14. That was surprisingly enjoyable. On the whole they're such a likeable bunch.
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  15. Wait at this being the best reunion in ages. The Zoom call nature of it means that those who don’t get much screen time don’t look like awkward lemons just sitting there.

    Aiden kinda snapped with her look.
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  16. I had such low expectations of this reunion as they were doing it virtually but I think it was actually one of the best they’ve ever had? The best reunion since Season 9 maybe? Each queen is so likeable and there wasn’t any forced drama or uncomfortable therapy being dished our. I think collectively this might be my favourite cast since season 6? Also, Ru coming out with some genuine funny remarks was a nice surprise!
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  17. Okay, but Brita's read to Dahlia was... Actually funny.
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  18. it do take nerve to flatten the curve

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  19. I've seen two, I know that much.
  20. R92


    Whew, Jaida's look!

    Just... Jaida. What an icon.
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