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RuPaul’s Frack Race Season 12 + All Stars 5

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Vasilios, Jan 23, 2020.

  1. Widow Von Du really shone for me in that reunion. It was so upsetting when she started to doubt herself since she has so much talent. Hearing her open up in the reunion was heartbreaking. With a new sense of confidence and determination she will truly
    be a force to be reckoned with when she gets round to being on All Stars.

    Heidi, Jaida, Rock and surprisingly Nicky also stood out.
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  2. Ru's mask is so distracting during the reunion. But otherwise enjoyable.

    @Shockbox yes videos. There is one in a window and she waves.
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  3. Whoever said it was right; this season was like an All Stars season.
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  4. Gagged by Heidi's mug, she is glowing!
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  5. If they don't film an All Stars 6 until next year and have half this cast come back? Classic season incoming.
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  6. you try guessing the riggory based on the meet the queens!!

    Jan had enough talent for the producers to take top 4 if they decided they liked her tbf! Turns out Brita didn’t.
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  7. It's weird that other than Daliah who was the obvious first out, you could tell me any of these queen's were the Top 6 and I'd believe you.
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  8. Aiden tho
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  10. I think if Aiden spent another couple of years honing her drag, she could come back for a decent All Stars run.
  11. ‘Dahlia, you must have done bad to finish 13th in a 12 queen season’

    I gasped! That reunion was actually great, I really like this cast, it’s been a fantastic season.
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  12. Ru’s mask was giving me Meryl and Goldie trying to keep their faces together in Death Becomes Her
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  13. They all came off really well... and to my surprise even Jan and Brita (...the only person I didn't really warm to was Dahlia). I couldn't stand Brita during the season but It was good to see her own up to her behaviour.

    Widow's reads were amazing and she looked relaxed, confident and happy in comparison to the rest of the season. Rock M, Jackie and Heidi were all hilarious throughout.

    Heidi and Jaida looked amazing. But wow at Heidi.

    I'm glad that none of the queens tried to force some random drama with each other for the sake of a storyline and kept it positive and cheery. Looking at chu Kahana.

    I kinda wish they would of briefly discussed Sh***y, in a way that brought attention to the seriousness of the issue and not her herself, but I get why they didn't go there.

    All in all an enjoyable season and I'm glad I decided to watch.
    Jaida for the crown!
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  14. He doesn't have to, the internet drags him enough ddd.

    Really though, it's a combination of him not being able to do his own makeup to Mathu or Raven's standard, plus not having his usual botox/fillers meaning he wanted to cover as much face as possible.

    EDIT: Oop, I was catching up and @Gasur already gave the same explanation. Sorry girl!
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  15. [​IMG]

    I had to draw the most groundbreaking, iconic high fashion look of the season!
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  16. Talent!

    (And I'm sure charisma, uniqueness, and nerve, as well!)
  17. I did already love Nicky but I so enjoyed her in the reunion. She seems to be having such a fun time.

    That's probably one of the best reunions in a few seasons thinking about it.
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  18. Nicky looked gorgeous too.
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  19. Yeah Nicky shone for me too, along with Widow and most particularly Rock. Always there with a quick witty insert.. it felt like Brita tried to do that a few times but just fell flat. Though it was good at least to see Brita admit mistakes and be somewhat more likeable.

    Heidi.. the glow up.

    it seemed like Ru was struggling to speak as freely so I actually thought he’d HAD fresh Botox not the opposite! (But I have zero idea how these things work so I trust y’all)
  20. The way Nicky cut through that happy hippie facade like a shard of ice. Gathering the girls about her elimination and making it known her french baby was a nuanced masterpiece for the Emmy's. All before topping off her Drag Race experience as "...confusing". Ive missed stanning her

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