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RuPaul’s Frack Race Season 12 + All Stars 5

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Vasilios, Jan 23, 2020.

  1. I think season 12 has been of pretty excellent quality overall. I was surprised with how they appropriately dealt with a serial abuser as well (although complete erasure as well as addressing it during the reunion would have been preferred). I'm not sure anything needs to be "righted" other than RuPaul and Michelle being banished to the shadow realm.
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    Setting aside S****y, season 12 post-Brita, has been one of the more fun, joyous seasons we’ve had in years. Even the more emotional departures like Widow were designed to uplift her more than humiliate. Ru seemed to be really invested in the cast, who had a great camaraderie with each other.

    I wasn’t excited in the slightest for this season but it’s been a pleasant surprise.
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  3. Pearl was (and still is) my favorite from season 7. I used flazeda on every social platform nn.
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  4. Oh, wait, I wasn't shitting on season 12, it's been pretty great. This was more in general about the show being tired, maybe, or again, maybe that's just me - Crystal's outfit during the reunion? I felt that/felt seen/felt moisturised.
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    I'm loving the Pearl love. Maybe top 3 was a bit of a reach for her (lip-syncs aren't her thing) but she fought to get there and had some real highlights.
  6. The way Ru literally admitted he fakes being a good person, realised what he said, and tried to immediately backtrack and no one thought maybe that shouldn't make the edit, I-
  7. I'm such a fucking sap but 'The Mirror Song' from Drag Race Live has got me in my feels. It's very on the nose but as someone who was playing with makeup and hair waaaaaaaayyyy before I was confident enough to tell anyone about it, it's a hard relate.
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    Of all the UK queens to be making primetime BBC appearances...
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  9. [​IMG]
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    We stan a Tory, don’t we, girls?

    We don’t
  11. Ru is the Ellen DeGeneres of drag. DeGenerate queen!
  12. I fucking HATE Ellen.
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  13. At least I can tolerate Baga. The Vivienne on the other hand is Eureka-levels of insufferable for me.
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  14. Baga when not doing Baga can be ok. She was on Pointless Celebrities the other week and didn't offend all of my senses.
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    thanks I hate it

    also how is Masterchef always on TV??? Such a waste of time.
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  16. Just unfollowed two gay UK men for cosigning Sh*rry Pie jokes on Twitter. That shit is disgusting, especially since for male/gay-identifying people, reporting and speaking on sexual assault can be just as stigmatized, underreported, and even more discounted by so many people. It's not funny.
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  17. This 'No Frauds' remix sounds lit.
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  18. I'd love it if Drag Race amped up the drama again but in 2020 that's just.....not realistic. The queens themselves are terrified of fighting and being seen as "difficult" by both the fans/potential promoters etc. The closest we've gotten to REAL, unscripted, messy drama is Seasons 4 and 5. Everything since has been manufactured bullshit.
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  19. Ru not being involved is one of the reasons I'm pretty perched for Canada's Drag Race. Brooke seems like a much better host, and person.

    Also can someone fill me in on what Ellen did because everyone seems to hate her ddd. I don't really care for her but I'm clearly out of the loop for it.
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  20. One of the Canada Drag Race girls who had followed me who knows how long ago... Just unfollowed me recently randomly. Never have interacted with her, i'm sure we just followed each other because we're both queens.
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