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RuPaul’s Frack Race Season 12 + All Stars 5

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Vasilios, Jan 23, 2020.

  1. Sometimes I think about when they said Jaida put the P in Purple still gets me.

    The runway commentary was fab this season! Really really funny.

    does anyone have any particular runway commentary they love? I’m ready to go down a YouTube hole
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  2. I think the best ones are in 2 and then like 6 or 7 onwards.

    The early Michelle ones can be quite hit or miss. There is like a whole season where on the last queen Ru will attempt a joke and Michelle cackles ridiculous. I think on one occasion before the punch line.
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  3. Do we know what they're doing for the finale?
  4. Crowning Jaida, hopefully.

    (Nah all we know is the five lipsync songs thing. Even the spoiler thread doesn't really have any ideas, so I think we won't know until the morning of.)
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  5. Detox is such an odd queen, because she had very competent looks on S5, was pretty much the clear frontrunner in terms of runways on AS2, and turned out one of the most memorable looks in the show’s run (black and white), yet she never comes to my mind when I do an initial scan of the show’s ‘look’ queens.

    Perhaps it’s just because I essentially have her blocked from my mind generally due to her being a bit of a horror, but I think it’s mostly to do with the fact that I don’t really get a POV or strong personality/aesthetic from her? Like, there always felt like something of a thread that held Raja or Violet’s runways together, not matter the diversity of the themes, but with Detox, it sort of felt like she just picked nice clothes when she got some more money, and wore the clothes well.

    I rewatched AS2 again recently, and the fact she wasn’t in the bottom over Tatianna for that fucking trash can she cobbled together was unforgivable.
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  6. So in today's news.... Gigi tweeted something along the lines of "Finale in 2 days. I CANT BREATHE"... and then twitter came for her for saying that, dually for COVID-19 being a respiratory virus and the George Floyd murder.

    So she deleted that and posted this overly long thread about how she didn't prepare properly before drag race for keeping up to date with world happenings or that she'd be expected to speak out on issues.

    Like... I don't know why she is so woe-is-me about it. Just educate yourself, now that she's continually said dumb stuff- yes people are going to be down her throat about every word she says. But that's her chance to work on herself, read the room and educate herself on what's going on in the world.
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  7. I don't think Twitter should've come down on her so hard for that. Like, I get it, but she obviously didn't mean anything by it.

    It's one thing to say something obviously stupid or harmful and get clocked for it, another to use a commonly used phrase to express excitement and have to worry about cancel culture monitoring every word you tweet for anything vaguely malicious.
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  8. I think it would've been unnoticed had she not already been put under the microscope for everything else she's said and done since the queer privilege thing.
    I think she should've just deleted it, and vowed to educate herself on current issues, instead of posting a huge long self centered post.

    She's just like really missing the mark as a public "celebrity" of sorts. Like majorly. And repetitively. And it's really awkward to watch her keep fumbling so poorly.

    Also Bob chimed in response:

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  9. She can’t win.
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  10. She better not after this!

    Stan Jaida.
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  11. Gigi is a buffoon, you'd think her Mama would have taught her some tact as she made her costumes.

    Jaida to win.
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  12. Make that two disqualifications this season!
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  13. Getting under the other girls’ and racists’ skins! We stan!
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  14. I mean, they have a fair point. At this stage, sadly, if you have no opinion on, for example, the continuous murders of POC in your country, then you are complicit. Its not difficult at all to just announce that what’s happened is disgusting.
  15. I read Gigi’s post on Instagram and I knew as soon as I read it, I’d come here and she would be getting attacked.

    I’m not really sure what y’all expect. She has been ignorant in the past and has been rightfully called out on it. She then posts to apologise and say that she is working on becoming more aware and it’s rejected?

    How do you expect people to learn and grow with this stupid cancel culture?

    People attacking her for her I can’t breathe comment is just pathetic to be honest. It’s clearly nothing to do with George Floyd. But I’m sure these people who constantly drag her over hot coals are the same ones saying ‘Remember Caroline Flack, Be Kind’.
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  16. Cancel culture doesn't exist.
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  17. Maybe Gigi Del Rey should get her mum to manage her Twitter from now on...

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  18. I honestly have more issue with her apology than the original post.

    Like, it's not my place to forgive her, but I can understand that mistakes can happen, and while she meant no harm, she understands harm was caused, and had addressed it, that's something. But to make a statement to the effect of "as part of my job I'll need to keep myself informed and educated" is kinda gross. Addressing societal inequality is not something that is relegated to the terms and conditions of a role you really want. This should be bare minimum expectations of a person.

    I just feel like everything she's done, the queer privilege post, this, the social distancing breaking (possibly twice), shows she really doesn't understand the struggles of the minority communities. She talks about "shutting out" all of the reprehensible stuff, without really thinking of the privilege she has in being able to do so, when so many others cannot.
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  19. Has there been a Drag Race girl who has effectively been cancelled?
  20. Did she really say that? That's loathsome.
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