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RuPaul’s Frack Race Season 12 + All Stars 5

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Vasilios, Jan 23, 2020.

  1. Heidi is the only one who *should* win Miss Congeniality. She's such an endearing character. I can't wait for her impending return in whatever season of All Stars she will be in.

    I think Crystal has the biggest chance of winning, based on popularity alone. But I still have hope for Jaida snatching that crown.
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  2. If we’re calling that bullying, so was everyone vs Serena Cha Cha.
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  3. Serena didn't survive tho
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  4. Since season 10, I think disregarding the score card when it comes to the final is perfectly fine and fair since all of the queens since then have operated during their season knowing that their track record won’t count for shit in the final 4. It’s only when a queen (Shea) gets blindsided by it that it becomes a problem, I think.
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  5. Possibly, but I'd say Aiden wasn't anything near as combative as Serena. Serena insulted various cast members, mocked 'ghetto lexicon' (upsetting Monica in particular), and acted a bit leery towards Lineysha. Aiden? He fell asleep and was ganged up on during a particularly uncomfortable Untucked. However, Aiden said it wasn't bullying so you may be right.
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  6. Every time I hear a white person say they don't care about politics


    (if Gigi wins...)
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  7. No since Season 10 got compromised it's voted by the cast
  8. Heidi for Miss Alyssa Edwardsiality but Crystal for Congeniality.
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  9. This prompted me to look up to see who even won Season 5 Miss Congeniality.

    Ivy Winters... Dang. She should come back and be on All Stars because like what is she doing? She has done some of the Drag Race tours in the past but she's like kind of just been doing nothing?
  10. Every now and then my brain randomly goes “at the end of the day it doesn’t fucking matter” in Heidi’s shaky voice.

    I miss her.
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  11. I don’t want to read too much into this (too late) but World of Wonder deleted the twitter poll that Jaida was winning with over 50% of the vote. All the other polls are still up.
  12. Ninaboninaosamabinladenbrownitsover.gif
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  13. Gigi’s thread made me really angry

    how about you actually educate yourself instead of talking about how you’re going to do it

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  14. BTG


    Her thread on what she’s been learning is inconsequential. She still said nothing of actual note. The fact that she shot the show a year ago, waved a register to vote sign at the end of every episode, got dragged for not being political at the time... and still didn’t take a moment of self-reflection or to educate herself in twelve months says it all.

    You’re living in America 2020. If you’re not following politics because you’re ‘overwhelmed’, try being a POC living in America in 2020. Many are not afforded the luxury or privilege of being apolitical because of the colour of their skin. Imagine going on the world's biggest queer platform and not having the good sense to educate yourself on the world outside your privileged bubble beforehand...
  15. Gigi's so into her robot fantasy that she has convinced herself not to have feelings about anything.
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  16. Honestly
    • Fuck Gigi. I told y'all.
    • Jaida deserves the win regardless of all the fuckery around her. Drag excellence, period.
    • Trinity The Tuck is a god.
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  17. I don't follow any of the queens on social media, I just check them from time to time. I am a bit disappointed Jaida doesn't seem to have posted anything about the protests and riots.
  18. For Black people... it can be traumatizing and painful to have to watch countless videos and material related to Black murders. If and when she does post, is her choice to make judgment-free.
  19. If Gigi wins this show after that Twitter thread the week George Floyd was murdered.........
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